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Who Are Bryce Hall Friends Josh Richards & Michael Sanzone?

In the realm of social media influencers, Bryce Hall and his friends have carved a niche for themselves with their captivating content and massive online presence.

Bryce Michael Hall is an American social media personality and a well-known boxer.

They came to popularity after creating interesting videos on TikTok. After getting huge attention from TikTok, they open their own YouTube channel.

He has gained 24 million followers on his TikTok account and 3 million on his YouTube channel. He has also pursued to career as a music artist.

In addition to his acting career, he is set to be featured in a movie named Skill House directed by Josh Stolberg.

He also gained recognition for winning a bare-knuckle boxing match against professional fighter Gee Perez on BKFC 48.

Additionally, he is an important member of Sway House. During his membership, he became friends with two other content creators, with whom he started making TikTok videos.

As their TikTok started getting viral, people’s curiosity towards his friends, Josh Richard and Michael Sanzone grew excessively, along with Bryce Hall.

People started searching for their personal information on the media, prompting huge inquisitiveness toward their private lives.

So, let’s learn about Josh Richards and Michael Sanzone, friends of Bryce Hall, from this article.

Who Is Bryce Hall Friends Josh Richards? Early Life Career

Joshua Kenneth Richards is a Canadian social media personality, musician, and actor. Moreover, he is also a well-known businessman.

He was born on January 31, 2002, in Toronto, Ontario. Meaning, he is currently 22 as of 2024.

However, limited information exists about his parents. Moreover, Josh was raised with two siblings.

Similarly, he began his influencer journey at 14 through the Musicaly app and later jumped to TikTok.

Josh Richard picture on white t-shirt.
Josh has huge followers on TikTok and Instagram. (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, he is a Chief Strategy Officer for the video platform Triller. Likewise, he is the co-founder of TalentX Entertainment along with CrossCheck Station.

Furthermore, Josh’s fame stems from being a member of Sway House, where he physically resided for a few months.

However, later he eventually moved into his apartment and pursued his career in music.

Later Josh began his acting career in 2019. He debuted as Dillon in Summertime Dropout.

He is the fourth highest-earning TikTok personality with numerous sponsorship and business endeavors.

Like Bryce Hall, Josh Richards has become a household name with millions of followers on platforms like TikTok and YouTube.

Additionally, Bryce Hall and Josh Richards actively participate in business together as they co-founded an energy drink venture called Ani Energy.

Bryce and Josh hugging .
Josh and Bryce have collaborated on numerous videos (Source: Instagram)

Although the sales figures remain a mystery, supermarkets like Target and Walmart are selling the drink.

Later they released a diss track. The song was called Still Softish, and it was about Chase Hudson.

Beyond the professional collaborations, Josh and Bryce have publicly expressed their support and genuine care for each other.

Hence as of 2024, Josh and Bryce continue to maintain their strong friendship.

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Michael Sanzone: One Of The Friends Of Bryce Hall

Among many Bryce Hall friends, Michael Sanzone is a favorite of many.

Michael Sanzone creates content actively on TikTok and earns recognition as a social media influencer.

Likewise, he is famous for his comedic and dance videos on his Sanzone account.

Michael was born in San Pedro, CA. He occasionally shares memories with his family, although there is limited information about his family members. Similarly, he grew up with a brother.

Bryce hall sitting with his friends .
Bryce Hall made many good friends when he was a member of the Sway House. (Source: Instagram)

His lip sync from the Broadway hit Hamilton gained him the first attention.

Michael’s popularity on the media platform helped him amass more than 3.5 million followers.

Likewise, his popularity grew as he became a member of the social group The Hype House in 2020.

After joining, Michael started to post multiple videos on TikTok with his fellow creators.

Moreover, among the earliest members to leave the Hype house, Michael Sanzone was the first to exit the house. However, people still believe that he is a 100% group member.

Later, he revealed why he left the group in October 2021, he wanted to give chances to another content house.

Furthermore, Michael Sanzone currently maintains a romantic relationship with Tabitha Swatosh.

Nonetheless, his friendship with Bryce Hall seems as good as they used to be as they often post each other’s videos on TikTok.

Hence, Bryce Hall seems to have pretty supportive and loving friends in his group of influencers.

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