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Who Is Bubba Copeland Wife, Angela Copeland? Alabama Pastor Family

Bubba Copeland was the former mayor of the Smiths Station city in Alabama. He is in the news for a very sad reason. After Bubba Copeland’s suicide, his wife Angela Copeland and his family are the curiosity of many.

He was also a god-loving pastor at a local church and was very much into politics.

Bubba held the position of mayor for seven years, from 2016 to 2023.

He was a very famous man in his locality, but he caught the attention of many after his outing as a transgender woman.

Sadly, the revelation was not by his own choice, which caused him to suffer emotionally, resulting in his suicide.

During these sad times, the wife and family of Bubba Copeland are in the thoughts and prayers of many.

Bubba Copeland Wife, Angela Copeland: Educator & Community Leader

Bubba Copeland was a very deeply involved family man who had a seemingly wonderful family with his wife, Angela Copeland.

However, Angela Copeland is more than just Bubba Copepland’s wife.

Bubba Copeland wife
Bubba Copeland and Angela were the ideal couple. (Source: Twitter)

Angela attended Russell County High School and is a B.S. graduate from Auburn University.

She holds a career tech certificate that allows her to educate young students.

Further, she has a great reputation in her locality as an educator who has spent years teaching many students.

Angela has been teaching at Smiths Station Junior High School for a very long time, which spans over 15 years.

Many of her students still recall the great way Angela used to educate them.

The wife of Bubba Copeland, Angela Copeland, is also an active member of the board of directors for the Smiths Station Chamber of Commerce.

Angela and Bubba Copeland have three children: Carter, Abby Kate, and Ally Catherine.

The Smiths Station community describes the family as very close-knit and strong.

Bubba Copeland wife
Bubba Copeland went through a very painful emotional period before his death. (Source: Twitter)

Sadly, the family is going through a period of grief right now after Bubba’s tragic decision to end his own life.

He was found dead after he shot himself on November 3rd, 2023.

This came as the result of a very sad event that took place; someone outed him as a transgender woman.

Tragic Revelation And Grief: Bubba Copeland’s Gender Identity Exposed

The news of his gender identity was widely spread through a local conservative news blog.

The news company was 1819 News, claiming that Bubba lived a secret life.

In 1819, it also made revelations that not only was he a trans woman, Bubba also had multiple social media as ‘Brittini Blaire Summerlin.’

Through his secret social media account, Bubba allegedly shared explicit content.

After the story went viral, Bubba posted on his social media and said he had become a subject of ‘internet hate.’

He stated that he dressed up as a woman to relieve his stress and just to have fun.

Bubba Copeland church
The people are now demanding an action against 1819 News. (Source: Twitter)

According to Bubba Copeland, his wife Angela was well aware of his hobby.

The untimely death of Bubba has left his wife, Angela Copeland, and his three kids in sorrow.

Many are now heavily criticizing the 1819 News for its insensitive news reporting.

Angela Copeland and his kids have not spoken up about the tragic death of Bubba as of now.

According to their close people, they are still in shock and grieving the loss.

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