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Josephina Leit: Burlington City Council Other Genocides Slip Girl

Recently, a video has been viral showing a Freudian slip of Josephina Leit about other genocides during a city council meeting in Burlington, which voted not to pass a formal pledge to call for a ceasefire in Gaza.

Josephina Leit is a first-year University of Vermont (UVM) student.

Likewise, she is the president of her local BBYO chapter, overseeing planning events for Jewish teens and creating promotional ads.

In January 2024, Josephina Leit shared her thoughts on a potential pro-Palestinian ballot measure in Burlington, Vermont’s city council.

She stated the resolution would create division rather than bring peace. Further, she stated not to use other genocides to describe this one.

Now, netizens are curious to know if Josephina Leit accidentally or Freudian slips are stating about Burlington City Council Other Genocides.

Is Josephina Leit Burlington City Council Other Genocides Slip Girl?

Recently, a video has gained attention showing Josephina Leit making a verbal misstep during a Burlington City Council meeting.

First of all, let’s know what the term genocides means and what it means when Leit stated about other genocides at the city council of Burlington.

The term “genocide” is significant because it refers to a specific type of crime that is recognized internationally.

This is used to describe some of the most horrific crimes against humanity, including the Holocaust, the Armenian Genocide, and the Rwandan Genocide.

There was controversy surrounding the pro-Palestinian ballot measure in Burlington’s city council.

Josephina Leit
Josephina Leit expressed her perspective during a Burlington City Council meeting. (Source: Twitter)

The council voted on whether to pass a formal call urging a ceasefire in Gaza.

In addition, Leit, at the city council of Burlington, slips and tells the truth while trying to oppose the fact that there are no other genocides in Gaza.

In the video, she stumbles over her words while speaking against the measure, sparking accusations that she inadvertently revealed prejudices.

The controversial video has now gone viral, further inflaming tensions over Burlington City Council’s decision to reject the pro-Palestinian ballot initiative.

While Leit claims she misspoke, some interpret the slip-up as a “Freudian slip,” indicating latent bias against Palestinians in the debate.

The viral video has added fuel to accusations of anti-Palestinian attitudes influencing the council to vote down the ceasefire pledge and ballot measure.

However, the council eventually voted against the proposal in a 7-5 vote on January 23, 2024, to not put the initiative on the ballot.

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Details On The Pro-Palestinian Ballot Measure In Burlington City Council

The controversy began when over 1,600 Burlington residents signed a petition to adopt a resolution supporting Palestinians. Its agenda was to oppose Israeli policies and declare Burlington an “apartheid-free community.”

Councilors Gene Bergman, Ali Dieng, and Joe Magee sponsored this citizen-driven initiative.

The proposed resolution aimed to affirm Burlington’s commitment to freedom, justice, and equality for the Palestinian people.

It also opposed Israel’s “apartheid settler colonialism and military occupation.”

This measure came in the aftermath of a Hamas attack on Israel. It reignited the conflict, resulting in the deaths of over 25,000 Palestinians.

Burlington city council
Burlington City Council rejects pro-Palestinian ballot measure. (Source: Twitter)

After almost 4 hours of heated public testimony, the Burlington City Council voted 7-5 on January 23, 2024, to reject putting this pro-Palestinian initiative on the ballot.

During the meeting, pro-Palestinian protesters confronted the council over the Gaza crisis and civilian deaths.

Some labeled the council “anti-Democratic” for not allowing voters to weigh in on this divisive Middle East issue.

In summary, the pro-Palestinian ballot measure sparked controversy in Burlington. Over 1,600 residents petitioned the council to adopt a resolution supporting Palestinians and declaring the city “apartheid-free.”

Despite heated testimony from protesters, the council ultimately voted against placing the initiative on the ballot.

The debate highlighted polarized views on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict raging abroad and at home in Burlington’s city politics.

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