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Campbell Puckett Husband Jett: Pookie Tiktok Couple Wedding

With the increasing popularity of the TikTok star Campbell Puckett, many people have shown interest in her married life and husband Jett. So, let’s explore.

Campbell Puckett, a social media influencer, is widely recognized by her TikTok name Pokkie.

She gained widespread attention for sharing fit-check videos along with her husband, Jett, on different social media platforms.

Hailing from Atlanta, Campbell has successfully amassed over 250 thousand followers on her TikTok account, with her amazing fashion sense.

Moreover, the utter devotion of Jett towards her wife has turned out as a major factor in their success.

As the couple continues to captivate a large number of audiences, the husband of Campbell Puckett has turned out as a major topic of interest for people.

Who Is Campbell Puckett Husband Jett?

In the current digital era, it is common for famous personalities to capture people’s attention not just for their achievements but also for their personal lives.

Similarly, at the moment, the TikTok star Campbell Puckett is the one talked around regarding her relationship and husband.

So, from the following article, let’s know more about the powerhouse couple and details about Campbell’s husband.

Campbell Puckett captured with her husband.
Campbell’s husband, Jett is a successful and wealthy young man (Source: Instagram)

Jett Wayne Puckett was born on August 30, 1990, in Rome United States. Fast forward to 2024, he is 33 years old.

Despite his active presence on the social media platform with Campbell Puckett, he has never disclosed any information related to his family.

Meanwhile, as for her education, according to his LinkedIn, he attended The Darlington School for his initial studies.

Further, he graduated as a valedictorian from the University of Georgia with a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Political science in the year 2013.

Later, after graduating from Georgian University, he attended the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School.

He earned a Juris Doctor degree and worked as a volunteer service member on different projects there.

Alongside his Juris degree, Jett also enrolled in the master’s program at the Wharton School and completed his degree the same year.

As of 2024, he is involved in real estate and works as a broker in mergers and acquisitions.

With his wide knowledge of the industry, he has earned a substantial amount of income from his business.

Moreover, currently, he is one of the famous husbands on TikTok, known for his lovely role in Campbell Puckett’s life. 

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Details On The Relationship Timeline Of The TikTok Couple

The famous TikTok couple first encountered in March of 2015 during Jett’s studies at Penn University.

According to Jett, he fell in love with Campbell at first sight at a wine bar in Philadelphia.

Campbell taking mirror selfie with her husband.
Campbell and Jet have been in a relationship for more than eight years. (Source: Instagram)

Jett said in a TikTok post, “He walked up to her and struck up a conversation, and two days later, they became inseparable.”

At the time, Campbell was working as a flight attendant, and during their first date, Jett waited an hour and a half for Campbell because of her delayed work.

Jett never regretted his decision to wait, as they got engaged within ten months of their encounter.

After their engagement, the couple bought a home in Atlanta and moved in together the same year.

Further, the pair sold their house and moved to Paris, France, staying there for a few months.

Later, after a spontaneous trip to Hawaii, the couple tied the knot on April 14, 2018.

Since then, the couple has been together in an unbreakable bond, sharing a lifelong partnership.

Moreover, the relationship of Campbell Puckett and her husband, Jett serves as an example of true love and determination towards each other.

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