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Carl Rinsch Wife Gabriela Rosés For Divorce With Netflix Director

After the news of Netflix’s disagreement with Carl Rinsch, many reports have been about his wife. One significant piece of news is that the wife of Carl Rinsch has filed for divorce.

Carl Rinsch is a well-known British-American director, writer, and producer acclaimed for his work in commercials, features, and various projects.

Additionally, he is associated with Filmmaster Productions, representing Italy and the Middle East. Notably, Rinsch gained recognition for projects like 47 Ronin (2013), Conquest, and The Gift (2010).

Recently, there’s a legal dispute between Netflix and Rinsch over the collapse of the sci-fi project Conquest.

Adding to the public attention are reports about his personal life, specifically the wife of Carl Rinsch, who is filing for divorce. This has become a notable focus of interest among people.

Why Has The Wife Of Carl Rinsch Filed For A Divorce?

Carl Rinsch is a married man, and his wife is Gabriela Roses Bentancor, a well-known Uruguayan model and fashion designer. However, details about their married life are kept private.

Recently, there have been rumors about their divorce, and people are curious to know the reason.

The New York Times reported that he gambled away millions on stocks and cryptocurrency, raising worries about his amphetamine use. Despite his wife Gabriela’s concerns and attempts to intervene, he refused rehab.

Carl Rinsch wife in Kimono
Carl even made unfounded accusations against his wife (Source: Twitter)

In 2020, Netflix gave Carl Rinsch another $11 million, which he also lost on risky bets. By mid-2021, Gabriela informed Netflix executives about Rinsch’s condition and filed for divorce.

According to her, Rinsch’s grip on reality had been slipping even before the Netflix deal. It was in texts, emails, and court filings reviewed by The New York Times.

Together, Carl and Gabriela worked on a sci-fi TV series called White Horse, where Gabriela served as a producer and costume designer.

Details of Rinsch’s behavior on and off the set came to light during their divorce proceedings. It is mentioned that he overworked his employees.

Carl Rinsch putting hand in chin

News of Netflix’s falling out with Rinsch first broke in November 2023 (Source: Twitter)

Additionally, he gambled the production budget on cryptocurrency stocks and exhibited aggressive behavior, including punching holes in walls during arguments.

In Budapest, Rinsch reportedly went without sleep for days, accusing his wife of plotting against him.

The wife of Carl Rinsch mentioned in court filings that Rinsch’s behaviour had started changing even before the overseas shoots. She even mentioned him throwing things at her.

While they haven’t officially divorced yet, Gabriela has filed for one.

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Netflix and Carl Rinsch Explained

Netflix invested a lot of money in a project called Conquest. However, the expected returns didn’t materialize. According to a detailed New York Times report, the blame mostly falls on the director, Rinsch.

Evidence from the cast, crew, texts, emails, and court filings from Rinsch’s divorce case highlights his problematic behavior.

After signing a contract with Netflix, Rinsch displayed volatile behavior. Despite this, he convinced Netflix to wire him an additional $11 million, bringing the total spending on the project to over $55 million.

Greenscreen stage with shoot ongoing
A scene is shot for “Conquest,” a sci-fi series the director Carl Erik Rinsch sold to Netflix (Source: Twitter)

The agreement was that if Netflix rejected the two-season plan for Conquest, Rinsch would use the remaining funds to finish the show as originally agreed.

However, according to the New York Times report, no leftover money existed. Rinsch seemingly invested the remaining funds from Conquest in stocks or cryptocurrency.

While his stock investments didn’t work out, his cryptocurrency gamble apparently succeeded.

In response, a Netflix representative stated that the streaming giant fully supported Rinsch financially and otherwise during Conquest’s production.

Carl and Netflix logo
Netflix’s lawyers argued that Rinsch isn’t entitled to any further payment (Source: Instagram)

Eventually, it became clear that Rinsch wouldn’t complete the agreed-upon project, leading Netflix to write off the investment.

In July 2023, court documents showed that Netflix asserted a position. They stated that Rinsch purportedly failed to meet multiple production milestones outlined in his contract.

Further, Netflix asserted this stance in light of Rinsch’s contractual shortcomings. Despite investing over $55 million, Netflix did not receive a single finished episode of Rinsch’s show.

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