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CaseOh Wikipedia, Age: What Is The Streamer Real Name?

Following the Converted Streamer of the Year nomination, the search for the Wikipedia page of CaseOh has surged. Who is he? Let’s get to know further!

CaseOh is a known content creator from the United States who has gained popularity across platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, and TikTok.

He has mainly dedicated his attention to gaming and has established a reputation through his recognized “caseohgames” account.

Further, he consistently plays and streams amazing games on Twitch and YouTube, sharing viral gaming clips on TikTok.

Case began to attract considerable attention in the latter part of 2022 and the early months of 2023.

In January 2024, he emerged as a nominee for the title Converted Streamer of the Year.

This stirred the interest of netizens, leading many to search for CaseOh information on Wikipedia.

CaseOh Wikipedia, Age: What Is The Streamer Real Name?

Despite being a well-known personality, CaseOh still lacks a dedicated Wikipedia page.

So, the following article will provide all the details about CaseOh found on a Wikipedia page.

Born on May 9, 1998, in a small town in Dallas County, Arkansas, CaseOh is 25.

CaseOh Twitter profile picture
CaseOh has not revealed the names of his parents. (Source: Twitter)

Some sources suggest that his real name is Tanner Newland, although he has not personally disclosed this information.

Raised in a Christian household with two brothers, Case’s early years were marked by a keen interest in food and video games.

By 14, he spent his leisure time playing NBA 2K and Call of Duty.

However, limited information is available about his personal life.

Nevertheless, glimpses into his life can be seen in some of his TikTok videos.

Case wearing his merch
CaseOh has 1.57 million subscribers on YouTube. (Source: Twitter)

Before gaining TikTok fame, he worked as a maintenance man alongside his father, primarily mowing grass.

A week before he began streaming, his card faced a decline at Family Dollar.

This incident made him quit his regular job and transition into full-time streaming.

Since then, his profile has been rising, accompanied by a growing fan base.

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Details About CaseOh’s Career Journey

Though CaseOh created his channel on October 3, 2011, he didn’t post his first YouTube video until September 2022, which happened to be an NBA 2k23 video.

Initially focused on NBA 2k23, Case later diversified his content to include games such as Five Nights At Freddy’s, Roblox, Baldi’s Basics, and Granny.

Case instagram post wearing his grey merch
CaseOh does not have a dedicated Wikipedia page. (Source: Instagram)

In the same month, he uploaded his first YouTube video.

Case also released his first TikTok video and commenced streaming on Twitch.

His TikTok profile quickly gained popularity, attracting hundreds and millions of views and followers in a few months.

The Twitch channel caseoh_ quickly gained popularity, thanks to the viral sharing of his Twitch clips on TikTok.

Starting as a newcomer to content creation, he streamed on Twitch, shared highlights on YouTube, and uploaded entertaining clips on TikTok.

In his Twitch chat and Discord memes, fans humorously dubbed him a “low-income Twitch streamer” and playfully referenced a “paycheck to paycheck” lifestyle.

CaseOh wearing a blue hoodie
He has 261k followers on Instagram. (Source: Instagram)

In June 2023, he crossed the one million follower mark on TikTok because of his consistent posting.

Meanwhile, in a brief span, CaseOh has amassed a current following of 3.8 million on TikTok, accompanied by 88.8 million likes.

Gaining popularity, he capitalized on opportunities and actively launched his merchandise, which included t-shirts, sweatpants, and more.

Similarly, Wikipedia might soon dedicate a page to CaseOh as his popularity keeps rising.

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