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Cat Janice Wikipedia, Age: Husband Kyle At Her Obituary!

With the wide dissemination of the news of Cat Janice dedicating a last song to her son, people are searching for her Wikipedia page to know whether she is alive or dead, and also made their way to her husband Kyle, wondering if he has shared obituary in the name of his wife. 

Cat Janice is an American singer and songwriter from Washington, USA.

She became famous after releasing the emotionally charged single Dance You Outta My Head.

Inspired by The Man, CHVRCHES, and dance queen Dua Lipa, her songs connect with their strong grooves, endearing yet confident lyrical outpourings, and genuinely fresh melodies.

Further, Cat actively participates as a Recording Academy of the Grammys member.

In 2020, she initiated the Love Earth A Little More Environmental Campaign under Global Environment Media.

While Cat’s enthusiasm and fervor appear unmatched, her life hasn’t been without its challenges.

As the cancer news of Cat Janice spreads widely on social media, many people are in search of her Wikipedia page.

Cat Janice Wikipedia, Age: Early Life & Personal Details

Despite her active contribution to the music industry, Cat Janice has never made her way into the website of Wikipedia.

However, the following article will provide some interesting information about Cat Janice relevant to a Wikipedia page.

Cat Janice was born on January 21, 1993, in Washington, United States, and is currently 31 years old.

Cat Janice in her bed for a photoshoot for her new song.
Cat Janice also has a son named Lauren, who loves and inspired her for her last song. (Source: Instagram)

Likewise, Cat was raised in a vastly musical family, so she developed an interest in playing violin and piano at an early age.

Subsequently, she underwent 18 years of classical training, participating in orchestral productions, jazz bands, and theatrical shows.

Cat’s musical journey began at a young age and achieved remarkable results.

Through music and social media, she navigates an open road, establishing unparalleled connections with sincerity and soul.

Cat performing on stage with ditoromusic.
Cat Janice only completed the song once she entered a songwriting competition. (Source: Instagram)

Despite continuous progression in her career, Cat got out of track in November 2021, as she was diagnosed with cancer.

Unfortunately, since then, Cat has been under hospice care as she is fighting back with her disease.

Amidst a severe illness, death rumors and an obituary for Cat Janice sparked curiosity about her Wikipedia.

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Is Cat Janice Dead Or Alive? The Truth Of Husband Kyle At Her Obituary

As more than two years have passed since Cat Janice’s sarcoma diagnosis, rumors of her death and obituary have been circulating lately.

Well, Cat Jancie is not dead and is still fighting back against cancer in hospice, as per her Instagram posts and stories.

Talking about her obituary, her husband, Kyle, aims to be false and baseless as she is still alive.

Further, in the world of the internet, celebrity death hoaxes have become a common occurrence.

The news of Cat Janice made a profound impact on fans, causing shock and disbelief at his death.

Cat looking gorgrous in her outfit perfectly matched for her short hair.
Cat Janice has been diagnosed with sarcoma and is currently in a hospice. (Source: Instagram)

However, relying on credible sources and verified information regarding celebrity news is crucial.

She is active on her Instagram with a daily dose of motivational posts and gratefulness from her fans for their countless support.

She has been able to share her story artistically by mixing her love of music with her fight against cancer.

Nevertheless, currently battling cancer, Cat has released her last song, Dance You Outta My Head.

In a bid for a lasting legacy, Janice co-wrote a song with her 7-year-old son, granting him rights.

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