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Is Cat Janice Zionist? Support For Israel Rise Religion Rumor

After the news of Cat Janice supporting Israel propaganda went viral on social media sites, there’s a heightened curiosity among online users regarding whether or not she is a Zionist. So, are the speculations true?

Cat Janice is an American singer and songwriter hailing from Washington, USA.

She gained fame with the release of the emotionally charged single Dance You Outta My Head.

Influenced by The Man, CHVRCHES, and Dua Lipa, Cat Janice’s songs feature strong grooves, confident lyrics, and fresh melodies.

Cat Janice’s journey is an active narrative of passion, talent, and unwavering courage beyond her catchy tunes.

However, despite her successful singing career, the question that intrigues people at this moment is whether Cat Janice is Zionist.

Is Cat Janice Zionist? Support For Israel Rise Religion Rumor

The ongoing conflict between Palestine and Israel has led to different beliefs within the Jewish and Palestinian communities.

As a result of the enduring conflict, a multitude of ideologies has surfaced, and among them is the ideology of Zionism.

This led to speculations about Cat Janice being Jewish attributed to various unverified news portals.

Cat Janice following
Janice is married to her husband Kyle Higginbotham. (Source: Twitter)

However, Cat Janice has not confirmed nor denied any accusations about her being Zionist.

The rumors began as fans explored her Instagram account and discovered that she followed Israel and the IDF.

Furthermore, fans discovered her liking posts that support Israel, adding fuel to the rumors.

This also raised questions about her religion, a topic Janice has not disclosed and remains private about regarding her background.

Nevertheless, certain sources suggest that Janice follows the Christian religion.

Cat Janice mirror selfie
Cat Janice does not have a Wikipedia page. (Source: Instagram)

Numerous individuals criticized her on social media, with some users expressing that they won’t listen to her songs anymore, citing her as hypocritical,

“cat janice being a zionist… wanting your child to be cared for and have a secure future while supporting a state that has been killing thousands of children and their families for months, years, and decades. talk abt being hypocritical”

However, the exact details of Cat Janice being Zionist are yet to be authentic.

Nevertheless, it’s important not to make assumptions solely based on her social media following and likes.

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More Details About Janice’s Life: Battle With Cancer

Cat Janice was born on January 21, 1993, in Washington, United States, and is currently 31 years old.

She was raised in a musical family so Janice’s musical journey began at a young age and achieved remarkable results.

Cat in white blazer
Janice has 309k followers on Instagram. (Source: Instagram)

Through music and social media, she charts an open road, forging unique connections marked by sincerity and soul.

However, her life took a turn when she discovered a lump in her neck in November 2021.

Additionally, having recently recovered from COVID-19, she initially attributed the lump to that, but it persisted even after several months.

Janice received a diagnosis of sarcoma, a form of cancer that originates in the muscles, tissues, and blood vessels.

Janice underwent surgery to remove the tumor and received radiation and chemotherapy.

Cat posing behind a car
Cat Janice has not confirmed nor denied the accusations of her being Zionist. (Source: Instagram)

However, in May of the following year, the cancer returned in her lungs.

Since January 10, Janice has been under hospice care and expresses a desire for her family to remember her for her positive outlook and creativity.

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