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Chad Pergram Wikipedia: Congressional Correspondent Twitter

As the congressional correspondent for Fox News, Chad Pergram is always in the spotlight, making many curious about his official Wikipedia page. Delve further into the journalist’s early life and family background in this article!

Chad Pergram is a well-established journalist known for his contributions as the producer of Capitol Hill.

His expertise in the field and reporting skills have made him a tremendous asset to channels like Fox News.

Further, Pergram gave the audience crucial and insightful information during the election period.

Such contributions have made him one of the best journalists of modern times and a trustworthy source.

Recently, the correspondent has been stirring public opinion regarding the debate on the foreign aid bill.

As his popularity increases, many are curious and look for the official Wikipedia page of Chad Pergram.

Chad Pergram Wikipedia: Congressional Correspondent Words On Twitter

Despite his reputation in the journalism industry, a dedicated Wikipedia page for Chad Pergram seems to be lacking.

So, we bring detailed information on Chad Pergram that could be useful for his future Wikipedia.

Born on March 5, 1969, Pergram comes from a well-settled family in Jacksonburg, Ohio.

Chad Pergram in a beige coat
Pergram reports news with authenticity. (Source: Facebook)

However, the journalist has not disclosed further details about his parents and siblings.

Despite the lack of information, it is known that he had an interest in reporting since his college days.

Pergram began his career in journalism as an intern for a school paper before majoring in broadcasting.

Moreover, his early achievements and education helped him achieve several notable milestones.

Soon, Pergram was working in prominent channels, including the WKRC-AM, as their reporter and anchor.

He also contributed his time at the WKRC-TV and WMUB-FM for several years before becoming the senate producer.

Later, in 2007, Pergram was a reporter for Capitol News Connection as the senior producer for the House of Representatives.

Chad Pergram reporting live
Many have widely recognized Pergram’s coverage of major political issues. (Source: Facebook)

Additionally, his years of experience promoted him to the role of congressional correspondent at Fox News.

Now, Pergram often shares his senate sessions on Twitter, prompting further discussions on political matters.

Likewise, he helped to break down the controversy on Special Report, providing a clear picture to the audience.

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Chad Pergram’s Personal Life: Details On Wife And Successful Career

Along with being a successful journalist, Chad Pergram is also a loving husband to Carrie Giddins.

Further, Giddins is an expert in her field as a political communications professor and consultant.

The pair tied the knot in November 2011 in a private ceremony some of their closest family attended.

Chad Pergram on the set
Pergram has won several titles for his journalism. (Source: Facebook)

Despite Pergram’s reputation in the industry, there is no information on his children, if he has any.

Meanwhile, the journalist could only achieve numerous milestones in his career thanks to his supportive wife.

Before joining Fox News, Pergram covered the 2018-2019 government shutdown and the passage of the Affordable Care Act.

Additionally, he led the breaking news coverage of a gunman who opened fire at a basketball game for Republican members.

Pergram has been awarded several accolades for his contributions, including the Edward R. Murrow Award in 2017.

Additionally, they handed him the title for excellence in reporting to the outgoing House Majority Leader, Tom DeLay.

Chad talking to a group of people
Pergram rarely talks about his family and children. (Source: Facebook)

Shortly after, Pergram became the youngest Joan S. Barone Award for Excellence in National Affairs recipient.

Similarly, they named him one of the top 50 journalists of the year for his Washington broadcasts.

With such milestones and achievements, people hope Chad Pergram will get a Wikipedia page soon.

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