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Secret Behind Chase Stokes Weight Loss: Muscle Gain And Gym

The multifaceted musician and versatile actor Chase is back in the news. This time, fans want to know about the weight loss journey of Chase Stokes.

Hailing from Annapolis, Maryland, Chase Stokes was born on September 16, 1992, to Jeff Stokes and Jennifer Canning.

Stokes is an American actor known for his role as John B in the Netflix web series Outer Banks (2020).

He began his acting career with minor roles in TV shows like Stranger Things, Daytime Divas, and Tell Me Your Secrets.

Likewise, he also starred in the music video for Kygo and Donna Summer’s single Hot Stuff in September 2020.

Stokes has won several Teen Choice Awards and featured in magazines like Seventeen, Elle, People, and Teen Vogue.

He is one of the most talented and versatile actors of his generation, with a bright future ahead as he continues to pursue his passion for acting.

Apart from his performances, the fans also admire him for his physique. They all long to know the secret behind the weight loss observed in Chase Stokes.

Secret Behind Chase Stokes Weight Loss And Health Maintenance

There isn’t any update regarding the reason behind the weight loss of Chase Stokes.

However, some media have suggested that he may have altered his diet and workout regimen.

Further, he made these changes to retain his appearance and health.

Additionally, Stokes has been eating a nutritious diet rich in protein, carbohydrates, lipids, vitamins, and minerals.

It includes an increased consumption of lean meats, fruits, veggies, nuts, and seeds.

Chase Stokes weight loss journey
Chase has won several titles and awards in his surfing career. (Source: Instagram)

He has been abstaining from processed meals, alcohol, and junk food. He has also followed his water timing to stay hydrated.

However, he has also indulged in some delicacies occasionally but in moderation.

Meanwhile, Chase Stokes has been prompted to maintain a fit appearance for his role as John B, leading to indirect weight loss.

He might have also desired to acquire greater muscle mass and lose extra fat to enhance his well-being.

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When Did Chase Stoke Begin His Journey In The Gym? Muscle Gain Details

Stokes began working out at the gym in his sophomore year of high school to improve his health and appearance.

He also said that his performance in Outer Banks motivated him, boosting his ability to seem healthy and muscular.

Additionally, he mentioned that he wanted to look well for his admiring fans and co-stars.

Chase Stokes gym journey
Chase is an adventure lover who enjoys hiking, traveling, and surfing in his spare time. (Source: Instagram)

Stokes has consistently improved his fitness levels since joining the Almost Home gym two years ago. He exercises in the gym with his coach, Alex Fine.

He has been sharing his workout regimens with his admirers through his fitness videos on social media posts.

At the gym, he is also observing doing curls, running, and surfing.

Meanwhile, Stokes’ workout routine consists of three circuits and ab exercises.

The first circuit involves dips with 5-second eccentric, plyo pushups, 5-5-5 pullups, and forehead barbell burls. It also includes half-range bicep curls, rope pushdown, and bicep curls.

James Alexander Chase Stokes
Chase is a master of accents who can speak with different tones and styles. (Source: Instagram)

The second circuit involves hammer curls, close-grip press to reach back, and leg lifts.

The third circuit involves up and out leg lift switches, toe touch, v-up situps, suitcase v-up leg lift circles, wide leg lift circles, and ab rollouts.

He claims that he detests when people have irrational assumptions about how our bodies should appear. He claims that his well-being is important as long as he is healthy.

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