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Is Chelsea Handler Gay? Sexuality & Partner Rumor After BFF post

After her BFF post, rumors have circulated on the internet suggesting that Chelsea Handler might be gay. Netizens are curious to know if there is any truth to this speculation.

Chelsea Joy Handler, aka Chelsea Handler, is an American comedian, actress, writer, TV host, and producer.

Moreover, she hosted Chelsea Lately on E! from 2007 to 2014 and released Chelsea Does, a documentary series on Netflix, in January 2016.

Additionally, Chelsea hosted the talk show Chelsea on Netflix from 2016 to 2017.

In 2012, Time Magazine named Chelsea Handler as one of the 100 most influential people in the world on its Time 100 list.

At age 21, Chelsea Joy Handler decided to pursue a career in stand-up comedy.

This choice was sparked by her experience of sharing a humorous account of her arrest for driving under the influence with a class of fellow offenders.

However, due to her posts and occasional speeches, Chelsea Handler has become the subject of rumors regarding her sexuality, with speculation arising about whether she is gay.

Is Chelsea Handler Gay? Sexuality And Partner Rumor After BFF Post

There’s a lot of talk on the Internet about Chelsea Handler, with rumors circulating widely that she might be gay.

Many fans are speculating whether Chelsea Handler is gay or not.

So, in this article, we’ll explore the truth behind the rumors about the sexuality of Chelsea Handler and whether she is gay.

Based on her relationship history, it doesn’t indicate that she is gay.

Moreover, Handler has been publicly involved with men like Ted Harbert, 50 Cent, Andre Balazs, and Jo Koy.

However, in a posted interview video, she mentioned having a low sex drive, expressing that she has never been overly interested in boys.

She also discussed using Thymosin to enhance her sex drive.

Her posts and speeches alone don’t offer enough insight for accurate speculation about the sexuality of Chelsea Handler.

In the picture, Chelsea is kissing a bald guy.
Chelsea has consistently been surrounded by rumors throughout her career. (Source: People)

Chelsea Handler sparked buzz with an Instagram story showing her kissing a man on the cheek.

She lovingly called the man her baby, praising his love and positivity and describing his body as her wonderland, which led to speculation about whether she had a new boyfriend.

Handler later clarified that the man in the photo is not a new boyfriend but a bartender near her home in Mallorca.

She explained that using the term baby doesn’t imply a romantic relationship; instead, she referred to him as her baby because he made her many drinks.

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Chelsea Handler’s Journey: From Birth To Present

Chelsea Handler, born on February 25, 1975, in Livingston, New Jersey, is currently 49 years old as of 2024.

Her parents, Rita, mother, worked as a homemaker, and Seymour Handler, father, was a used-car dealer.

Chelsea’s father had an Ashkenazi Jewish background, while her mother, originally from Germany, practiced Mormonism.

The Reform Judaism tradition raised Chelsea, shaping her early life with cultural and spiritual influences.

Chelsea is performing on stage, captivating a massive crowd.
Chelsea Handler’s zodiac sign is Pisces. (Source: Instagram)

She is the youngest among her six siblings, including two older sisters named Shoshanna and Simone and three older brothers named Chet, Glen, and Roy.

She attended Livingston High School, a period that contributed to her formative years before venturing into the entertainment world.

Chelsea started her career as part of the all-female ensemble of Oxygen’s hidden camera reality TV series, Girls Behaving Badly.

She later became a frequent contributor on E! and Scarborough Country and a correspondent on The Tonight Show.

According to reports, Chelsea Handler boasts an estimated net worth of approximately $50 million.

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