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Is Chinese Kitty Baby Daddy Damion White? Boyfriend Update

American rapper Chinese Kitty presence on VH1’s The Impact New York stirs interest in her personal life, prompting questions about her baby daddy and sparking discussions among viewers. So, who is her son’s father? Let’s explore!

Taylor Hing, widely known as Chinese Kitty, is a versatile talent in the American entertainment industry.

She is renowned as a fashion model, singer, songwriter, and social media influencer.

Additionally, she rose to prominence for her appearance on VH1’s popular series Love & Hip-Hop Miami during seasons 1 and 2.

Engaging in various pursuits, she consistently captivates diverse audiences with her unwavering dedication and exceptional talent.

As her fan base expands, there is a surge in searches about her life, particularly details about Chines Kitty baby daddy.

Is Chinese Kitty Baby Daddy Damion White? Boyfriend Update

In the contemporary era of fame, notable figures frequently dominate headlines for their achievements and personal lives.

Similarly, the current focus is on Chinese Kitty, with increased attention on her life, including details about her baby daddy.

Damion White holding a baby
Damion White is a professional sports consultant. (Source: Twitter)

Many netizens speculate Damion White is the baby daddy, given shared photos with Chinese Kitty son from a few years ago.

However, Chinese Kitty has not yet disclosed the identity of her son Ashton’s baby daddy. Therefore, making assumptions without verified information is not a recommended practice.

Damion shared on his Instagram story that he has been providing financial assistance to Kitty for his son.

Nevertheless, Kitty is currently unmarried and not engaged in any form of relationship as of now.

She prefers to keep details about her romantic life private, hence choosing not to disclose information about her son’s father.

Additionally, examining her Instagram, one finds no photos featuring anyone who could be identified as her boyfriend.

Damion white instagram story
Damion’s name has been associated with Chinese Kitty as her son’s baby daddy. (Source: Twitter)

Moreover, some sources assert that Kitty prioritizes her career as a model and singer, avoiding romantic pursuits.

Furthermore, Kitty, as a single mother, shares an Instagram story.

“Wooh Thank God Ima hardworking single parent. Cause chile when I tell you I been doing it all on my own since my son birth. I been holdin it downnnnn. Yes I am the baby daddy and baby mama.”

However, it’s crucial not to make assumptions or spread unfounded rumors, as they may lack accuracy.

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A Sneak On Kitty’s Early Life And Career Journey

Born on January 18, 1995, in Queens, New York, Chinese Kitty comes from a stable family.

Chinese Kitty in black
Kitty has seven siblings. (Source: Instagram)

Her father, known as Sugar Nicki, and her mother, Chinese Nicky, is an established businesswoman and a socialite.

She embraces a diverse heritage with roots in both Guyanese and Chinese ancestry, resulting in her rich and mixed ethnicity.

From an early age, Kitty harbored a passion for singing and modelling.

Hence, she regards her mother as a strong supporter, acknowledging her as a powerful patron who fueled her dreams.

Kitty with her son
Chinese Kitty has over 3 million followers on Instagram. (Source: Instagram)

Driven by her passion, Kitty commenced her professional career as both a model and a singer, Additionally, she started her YouTube channel on June 30, 2016.

Despite facing initial hurdles, Kitty stayed dedicated to her path and ultimately achieved fame through her musical pursuits.

Currently, Kitty boasts millions of fans who wholeheartedly support and love her throughout her remarkable journey.

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