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Chinese Kitty Before And After Surgery: Do Not Confuse With Chinese Nicky!

Most people discuss Chinese Kitty’s surgery because they believe she looks like her mother, Chinese Nicky. Fans are thus not sure as to who exactly is who. Learn what Chinese Kitty looked like before and after to find the truth.

Taylor Hing, also known as Chinese Kitty, is a talented American entertainer who has managed to make a niche for herself in different areas of the entertainment industry.

Born in 1995 in Queens, New York, Kitty boasts mixed ancestral connections, including Guyanese, Chinese, and Afro-Portuguese.

It all started when she showcased her beauty on Instagram and subsequently appeared in video clips for hip-hop stars such as Fabolous, Ludacris, and Young Dolph.

Having attracted more than one million followers on Instagram with her perfect looks and attractive curves, Kitty is indeed so stunning.

Kitty put out several songs under the name “Chinese Kitty,” which were featured on mix tapes, just to demonstrate her commitment to rap.

Moreover, she released her mixtapes and singles, thus revealing her skills to people in this highly competitive genre of hip-hop music.

In addition to her modeling and music career, Chinese Kitty also built her brand through reality shows, among others..

This must also be why people love watching the rapper Chinese Kitty, but certainly her twinning with her mother has led people doubt if Kitty had surgery and look for her before and after photos.

Chinese Kitty Before And After Surgery

Chinese Kitty has been open about her plastic surgery experience.

Kitty underwent a boob job at the tender age of 19, which increased her breast size more than significantly.

She opted for this transformative surgery following criticism she received for having small breasts.

There was quite a difference in her figure between the before and after photographs.

In addition to giving birth to Ashton in 2017, Kitty decided to have liposuction.

Pregnancy increased her body weight, thus increasing the need for liposuction on Kitty’s part, which would get rid of excessive fat.

Kitty with her son
Chinese Kitty eventually did liposuction after the birth of her son in 2017. (source: Instagram)

Once again, when you compare pre-operation photos with post-operation pictures, there is an evident transformation in the way she looks.

During these processes, though, Kitty has always remained strong and vocal about why she had to undergo plastic surgery.

She stays to pay attention to self-care as well as self-love rather than minding what other people say about you.

Her frankness offers a glimpse into why someone would want to change their appearance through such drastic measures as surgeries.

Although facing some backlash, confidence kept pouring out of Kitty in the form of body empowerment that resonated with the young fans.

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Do Not Confuse Chinese Kitty With Chinese Nicky, Her Mother

There is always a lot of confusion around the budding rapper and social media star, Chinese Kitty, and her mother, who is an entrepreneur, Chinese Nicky.

Especially due to VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: Miami, it may be easy for people to think that Chinese Kitty and her mother are identical twins.

Importantly, it needs to be stressed that Chinese Nicky is the biological mother of the young artist rather than her duplicate.

She has not been able to gain her own space in the music and entertainment sector yet she follows what her mother tells her. 

Chinese Kitty Pictured with her mother Chinese Nicky.
Their almost similar appearance, as well as their joint involvement in hip-hop culture, might be the reason for people’s confusion. (source: Instagram)

Likewise, Nicky tries to show herself independently which should be understood by fans given their shared looks that are clear enough.

Being an expert with more than a decade’s experience in the fashion industry including working for Source Magazine before Nicky began her own business.

Besides that, she also contributes towards family upkeep, advising & sponsoring goals of Chinese Kitty among others.

The two women hereafter must be recognized differently by supporters as artists in their own right.

Moreover, the mother-daughter duo are successful commercial persons no matter how they relate or why they are related.

That’s exactly what China Kitty does when she creates her brand and voice without leaning on her mom’s journey.

Kitty is also making up her path instead of following hers verbatim.

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