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Chinese Kitty Mother Chinese Nicky & Father Sugar Nicki: Rapper Parents

The recent appearance of American rapper Chinese Kitty in the VH1 TV series The Impact New York sparked interest in her personal life, leading many to search for her parents’ details, particularly her mother, Chinese Nicky.

Taylor Hing, mostly recognized by her stage name, Chinese Kitty, is a multifaced talent in the American entertainment industry.

She is a prominent figure in reality television, modeling, and hip-hop.

Born on January 18, 1995, Kitty is also famous for her social media presence, with an impressive following of over 2 million on Instagram.

Meanwhile, she gained widespread attention for her role on the VH1’s acclaimed series Love & Hip-Hop Miami seasons 1 and 2.

With a career spanning different fields, Kitty continues to captivate a wide range of audiences with her dedication and talent.

Moreover, with her increasing followers, curiosity about the mother of Chinese Kitty has arisen among her fans.

Who Is Chinese Kitty Mother, Chinese Nicky, And Father?

In the current world of the spotlight, famous personalities often make headlines for their achievements and personal lives.

Similarly, at the moment, people’s focus has shifted to the parents of the American rapper Chinese Kitty, especially her mother.

Chinese Kitty captured with mother Chinese Nicky.
Chinese Kitty is the daughter of Guyanese parents. (Source: Instagram)

Chinese Kitty was born in Queens, New York, into a well-settled family comprising her parents and siblings.

Moving on to her parents, her father is Sugar Nicki and as we all know, her mother is Chinese Nicky, a businesswoman and a socialite.

Chinese Nicky, aka Niko Hong, is also a brand ambassador and an entrepreneur, born and raised in New York.

Similarly, she is the co-owner of several nightclubs in the US and owns her own clothing brand, The Nikhol Hing Collection.

Chinese has also appeared on the TV show Love & Hip Hop Miami alongside her daughter Kitty during its first and second seasons.

As for her education, Kitty’s mom is a university graduate holding a degree in Fashion Design and merchandise.

Besides, she is a dedicated mother of nine children, including her rapper daughter Chinese Kitty.

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Details On Chinese Kitty’s Relationship Status

The relationship of Chinese Kitty often catches peoples’ attention due to its complexities.

As of 2024, Kitty is certainly unmarried and is not involved in any sort of relationship with anyone.

Chinese Kitty posing with her son
Chinese Kitty has an eight-year-old son. (Source: Instagram)

Despite her unmarried status, she has a child, a son named Ashton, born in 2016.

However, until now, no one knows the details about the child’s father except for Kitty, and she has always been tight-lipped on this matter.

Additionally, the family members of Chinese Kitty, including her mother, have also never been vocal about her relationships.

Moreover, Kitty likes to keep her details away from the spotlight and loves to spend her life away from the media.

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Career Details Of Chinese Kitty: How Did She Start? 

Chinese Kitty had a passion for singing and modeling since her early years.

Following her passion, she began her professional career as a model and singer and started a YouTube channel on June 30, 2016.

Kitty captured in black dress.
Chinese Kitty has accomplished a lot of fame throughout her career. (Source: Instagram)

Despite initial challenges, Kitty stood committed to her journey and eventually became famous through her songs.

Her hard work also led her to magazines like Dynasty, Shygirl, and Model Modele.

Further, as she continued to work on herself, she appeared in the first and second seasons of VH1’s TV series Love and Hip-Hop Miami.

Since then, she has never looked back and has become one of the most famous personalities in the American hip-hop industry.

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