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Was Chita Rivera Gay? Rumors Despite Husband Tony Mordente

Recently, Chita Rivera passed away, leaving her legacy behind, which is admirable, but lately, after her death, gay rumors surrounding her are on trend. So, why’s that? Let’s explore.

Dolores Conchita Figueroa del Rivero Anderson, famously known as Chita Rivera, was a talented American actress, singer, and dancer.

Throughout her career, she has won several awards, including two Tony Awards, two Drama Desk Awards, and a Drama League award.

Not only that, but Chita Rivera was also the first Latina to win the prestigious Kennedy Center honor in 2002.

Further, she also won the Tony Lifetime Achievement Award in 2018.

Her performance in musicals like West Side Story, Velma Kelly in Chicago, and Kiss of The Spider Woman has been considered iconic.

The actress who gave her seven decades to the movie industry lost her life at 91 on 13 January 2024.

The death of the legendary Chita Rivera has once again shed light on her extraordinary life and career.

Many of the people who are just learning about Chita Rivera are wondering if she was gay despite having been married to Tony Mordente in the past.

Is Chita Rivera Gay?: Fans Wonder Why Did She Never Remarry After Divorcing Tony Mordente

Many people on various websites started wondering why she never got married after divorcing Tony Mordente.

Her ex-husband, Tony Mordente, was also a dancer and actor; she met him during one of her Broadway performances in 1957.

Dancing Queen Chita Rivera in dancing pose
To this day, there has not been any other dancer like Chita Rivera in the history of Broadway. (Source: Twitter)

They quickly fell in love with each other and got highly close, eventually making their relationship official in December 1957 by getting married.

Sometime later, they welcomed their daughter, Lisa Mordente, in 1958.

Their daughter Lisa was born before the Broadway production’s release, which intertwined them in the first place.

But as time passed, their marriage started falling apart. They had their differences which they could not resolve.

Sadly, the couple parted ways in th66 after nine years of being husband and wife.

Chita Rivera pictured in Red Carpet
Chita Rivera had a unique aura about her, which was very charming. (Source: Twitter)

After that, Chita Rivera never remarried. Her unwillingness to marry anyone, even when she was very young and highly successful, resulted in various rumors.

One of those rumors is about her sexuality; people have been assuming for years that Chita Rivera is gay. However, there is no truth to the rumors and speculations.

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Enigmatic Life Of Chita: The Private Star Who Never Discussed Her Sexuality

Chita Rivera also has never made any statement about her being gay or anything else about her sexuality.

Even though she lived a life full of glitz and glamour, her personal life was highly private.

Broadway icon Chita Rivera smiling
Chita Rivera passed away at the age of 91. (Source: Twitter)

She rarely let anyone know about what was happening in her life during all these years of popularity and fame.

Chita Rivera herself may not be gay, but she has always shown respect to her fans from the LGBTQ+ community.

This is why, after her death, gay people from all around the world are showing their respect and tributing to Chita Rivera.

She has left a big legacy as a legendary singer, dancer, and performer. Her energy is still unmatchable whenever she steps on the Broadway stage,

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