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Chris Evans Leaked D Pics: Popular Leak Before Drake Twitter

As Drake became the trending topic in X after an alleged inappropriate video leaked, people recalled a similar incident involving Chris Evans.

Christopher Robert Evans is an American actor who gained attention for his role in Marvel Comics.

Moreover, people widely recognize him as Steve Rogers/Captain America.

In 2020, Captain America star Chris Evans became a trending topic on Twitter. There were thousands of tweets addressing the accidental leak. 

Similarly, Aubrey Drak Graham, who professionally goes by Drake, is a Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter and actor.

Additionally, Drake was the other celebrity whose image scandal was going viral.

Likewise, X reached number one in the App Store after Drake’s leaked video went viral, similar to Chris Evans in 2020.

As Twitter freaks out about the leaked images, some people want to learn the reason behind the story of Chris Evans and Drake.

Chris Evans Leaked Photo: Fans Reaction

Chris Evan’s little social media mishap had Twitter freaking out.

On September 12, 2020, Chris Evans seemingly posted and deleted a nude photo of himself on his Instagram Story. 

Later, the Marvel actor Chris Evans posted a video on his Instagram Stories where he and some friends played a game.

At the end of the video, his camera roll accidentally showed up, revealing a black-and-white picture that appeared to be of his private parts.

Chris Evans in white suit
Chris Evans seemingly posted and deleted a nude photo of himself on his Instagram story. (Source: Twitter)

On the camera role, there was also a meme of Chris with a funny caption: “Guard That P-sy.”

Although Chris Evans immediately removed the story, people saved it and started sharing the screenshot on social media. 

This also caused him to trend as the number 1 topic on Twitter. 

Many fans asserted that the photo was shared without Chris Evans’ consent. They believed that deleting it would have been the right thing. 

Additionally, many people were reminded that the actor has spoken about having anxiety in the past.

Also, they said sharing intimate photos without their consent is not a kind thing to do.

Chris Evans holding a dog two pictures
Fans have been flooding the #ChrisEvansLeak hashtag with pictures of him with puppies (Source: Twitter)

The good part about this potentially embarrassing mistake is how his fans post positive and wholesome photos of him on Twitter.

Meanwhile, on September 15 of the same year, Chris Evans finally spoke out after the leaked incident.

In the post, he encouraged his followers to vote in the presidential election. 

Likewise, similar to the incident with Chris Evans, Drake has been trending on Twitter recently because of his image scandal.

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Drake’s Response To His Leaked Video

After an alleged inappropriate video of the rapper was leaked online, Drake became a trending topic on X.

On Monday night, February 5, a video leaked online.

It shows the Canadian superstar undressed from the bottom down and touching himself while sitting on a bed on his private jet.

However, it seemed that Drake did not mind about the video leak as he laughed it off when popular streamer Adin Ross asked it.

At the time, Adin was streaming and promptly sent Drake a voice note about catching him in a compromising position.

Drake wearing long coat holding juice
The hashtag “drakevideo” was trending as of Wednesday in the U.S. (Source: Instagram)

Later in the stream, Adin revealed the response to his message.

It was eight laughing emojis, and he might use the voice note to introduce his next album. 

It is based on Adin Ross’s word on whether this is Drake texting him back or not. However, it seems exactly how Drake would respond to all this. 

However, it remains unconfirmed if the man in the video is Drake, as he has not publicly commented on the video yet.

Fans on social media have been reacting to the viral clip, pushing Drake’s name into the No. 1 spot for trending topic in the U.S. on X.

Likewise, on Tuesday, Drake shared a post on his Instagram Story that could have been his response to the uproar.

The clip showed a female fan crying while Drake performed at his show. Over the post are the words: “Me when Drake:”

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