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Chris Heisser Wikipedia, Age: How Old Is Heather Locklear Partner?

Heather Locklear has regained a cheerful demeanor, dispelling rumors of erratic behavior and a return to alcohol. Curiosity about her partner, Chris Heisser, has led netizens to search for his Wikipedia for more information. Let’s get to know him more!

Christopher Howard Heisser, born on  September 23, 1961, is a former American real estate salesman and motocross rider.

Originally from California, Chris gained recognition for his controversial relationship as the fiancé of American actress Heather Locklear.

Despite being in a relationship with a public figure, he has kept his personal life private.

This curiosity prompts netizens to search Wikipedia extensively for more information about Chris Heisser.

So, let us delve into Chris Heisser’s relationship with Heather Locklear and his early life.

A Peek At Chris Heisser Wikipedia And Age

Born into a Christian family, Heisser hails from the suburbs of Westlake Village in LA, California.

While no information is available about his parents, he has a brother, Kevin, and a sister, Courtney.

In his early life, Heisser had a dog named ‘Metzler.’

During his upbringing, Heisser actively engaged in extreme sports, finding enjoyment in riding BMX and skateboarding.

Heather and Chris with their dog on the sofa.
Chris Heisser does not have a Wikipedia page yet. (Source: Instagram)

He developed a passion for riding motocross bikes, dedicating himself to daily practice.

He graduated from Newbury Park High School, where he and Heather Locklear first met and became intimate companions.

Throughout and after high school, Heisser immersed himself in motocross, evolving into a skilled and professional rider.

The 62-year-old was called Chris ‘Tin Can’ Heisser for skillfully handcrafting a new aluminum gas tank for his racing bike.

However, Heisser’s successful motocross racing career spanned many years until he retired in the year 1984 due to personal issues.

During his professional career, he secured two 125 cc National AMA Grand Championships in ’82 and ’83.

Later, he transitioned into a career as a real estate salesman. He also owned Hamercop Homes Inc.

Chris Heisser with his daughters.
Chris enjoyed riding and skateboarding since he was a child. (Source: Instagram)

However, his professional career was marred by a 2012 arrest, leading to a canceled license in 2013.

He received a two-year state prison sentence and three months in a county jail for fraud.

Due to the lack of his Wikipedia page, his fans find it difficult to learn about Chris Heisser and his relationship with Heather Locklear.

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Heisser’s Controversial Relationship With Heather Locklear

Chris Heisser married in the late 1990s, divorced, and has children from his previous marriage, including a son who pursued competitive motocross racing.

After the divorce, Chris reconnected with high school sweetheart Heather Locklear, and their tumultuous relationship made headlines.

Chris Heisser and Heather in bed.
Chris currently has 629 followers on his followers. (Source: Instagram)

Locklear has reportedly attacked Heisser multiple times and even crashed her Porsche into a ditch after leaving home following a fight between them.

In addition, his family appears to be concerned about their relationship.

Despite the appearance of an abusive relationship, Heisser allegedly proposed to Locklear.

In June 2020, Heather Locklear’s engagement to Chris Heisser was confirmed by photos of a diamond ring on her left hand.

She states in an interview,

When I’m with him, I go, ‘This feels like home. You feel like home,’ And basically, he’s the most easy-going, loving person. He just has my back, and I have his. He truly is super special to me.

However, netizens are curious about Chris Heisser and Heather Locklear’s relationship, prompting searches for his Wikipedia.

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