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Chrisean Rock Before And After: That Insane Blueface Face Tattoo

Netizens were left speechless after Chrisean Rock revealed her face tattoo, leading many to look for her before and after pictures. As the rapper becomes a trending topic, let’s explore the tattoo’s meaning in detail!

Chrisean Eugenia Malone, known professionally as Chrisean Rock is an American rapper and reality television personality.

The 23-year-old rapper has appeared on Zeus, Baddies, and her show, Blueface & Chrisean: Crazy In Love.

Growing up in an unstable household, Chrisean dreamed of being a popular figure which was achieved after her link with rapper, Blueface.

Further, she was signed to his label BluefaceLLC where she and other women appeared on an OnlyFans show.

After quickly rising into the spotlight, Chrisean has been part of several controversies and dramas.

Currently, Chrisean Rock is in the headlines for her face tattoo as netizens compare her before and after looks.

Chrisean Rock Before And After: That Insane Blueface Face Tattoo

As a media personality, Chrisean Rock loves attention and often flaunts her extravagant style and looks.

Recently, she became a trending topic after getting a massive face tattoo dedicated to rapper Blueface.

Further, the reality star revealed her new ink through an Instagram reel and shocked the internet.

Chrisean Rock showing new face tattoo
Chrisean wants to express her support for the jailed rapper. (Source: Twitter)

Chrisean displayed one side of her face with Blueface’s portrait, which resembled his latest mugshot.

However, the reel didn’t end there as she turned to show off the name “Jonathan” written on her forehead, which is the rapper’s birth name.

Additionally, the rapper got the tattoo as a way to convey her love for her partner.

Soon after the shocking reveal, netizens were quick to make comparisons between Chrisean’s before-after appearance.

Moreover, some users also commented on her mental well-being after being in a toxic relationship.

However, this isn’t the first time Chrisean has inked her body to show her commitment and loyalty to Blueface.

Before the messy argument between the pair, she tattooed the rapper’s face on her neck, and later concealing it with a rose.

Chrisean Rock with lock braids
Authorities arrested Chrisean for punching Blueface’s mom. (Source: Instagram)

Apart from that, Chrisean Rock has seven tattoos of the rapper spread across her body including one dedicated to her son on her chest.

Since her debut in the industry, the reality star has gained a reputation for expressing love in peculiar ways.

Likewise, tattoos seem to be a way for Chrisean to showcase her emotions in the form of creative art.

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The Unstable Relationship Of Chrisean And Blueface

Over the years, Chrisean sparked discussions about being in an unstable relationship with the rapper.

Blueface helped the media personality get a shot at fame after crossing paths during the pandemic.

Chrisean Rock hugging her boyfriend
Chrisean wants to spend more time with the rapper. (Source: Instagram)

Further, Blueface invited Chrisean to his mansion for an OnlyFans show, and she even emerged as the winner of the rapper’s competition series.

However, she got into a fight with Blueface’s baby mama, Jaidyn Alexis, and even lost her front tooth.

After a rocky past, the rapper falsely accused Chrisean of stealing his car and drug possession in Oklahoma.

Additionally, the couple released several statements claiming charges of physical assault and abuse.

However, they continued their rocky relationship while working together on their reality show, Blueface & Chrisean: Crazy In Love.

Meanwhile, Blueface was in an on-off relationship with his baby mama which created more tension between the pair.

In January 2023, Chrisean announced her pregnancy which the rapper initially denied and demanded a paternity test.

 Blueface with his girlfriend on a red carpet event
Chrisean has released several albums under Blueface’s label. (Source: Twitter)

Shortly after, Blueface dropped a music video for Dear Rock where the couple exchanged vows in a wedding chapel.

Currently, authorities have jailed the rapper in LA for a probation violation, and they have scheduled his release for July 2024.

Despite their shaky bond, Chrisean’s devotion to Blueface seems evident, as reflected in her face tattoo.

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