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Christian Estrada Wikipedia, Age: Meet The Bachelorette Contestant

As the rising star Christian Estrada gains enormous fame from Becca Kufrin’s season of The Bachelorette, many people are curious and eager to explore more about his details via Wikipedia.

Christian Estrada is an American model, reality TV star, entrepreneur, and actor.

He gained recognition from reality shows The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise in 2019.

While Christian had limited screen time on The Bachelorette, he did leave a lasting impression during the Men Tell All episode.

Further, he has also more than 351k followers on Instagram and is viral for flexing his flashy lifestyle.

Given his increasing popularity and impact in the media, there is a growing demand for the Wikipedia on Christian Estrada.

Christian Estrada Wikipedia, Age: How Old Is The The Bachelorette Contestant

Despite being a famous media personality, Christian Estrada doesn’t have a Wikipedia page.

Christian Estrada was born in 1990; as of 2024, The Bachelorette Contestant is 34.

Originally from Mexico, Christian moved to the U.S. with his mother when he was 3.

Moreover, as for his educational background, Christian completed his studies at San Diego College in 2011.

In his early days, Christian loved playing and enrolled in soccer, but an injury made him back off.

Christian spending his vacation in Auditorio Nacional, Mexico.
Christian revealed his biggest fear is spilling something on himself before a date. (Source: Instagram)

Although his family records remain unknown, we can assume he hails from a wealthy family based on his personality.

Apart from this, information regarding his further background remains a mystery.

Similarly, Christian Estrada has also managed to keep the details of his romantic journey under wraps.

However, many are in search of his Wikipedia as rumors regarding Christian Estrada and 90 Day Fiance star Ashley Martson.

Hence, with an outburst of this news, many crossed their fingers for this potential couple.

Christian having fun with his son Leonel.
Christian also got kicked off the show Bachelor in Paradise due to a fight. (Source: Instagram)

Besides, the rumor did not last long as he revealed his girlfriend, Mara Fernanda Quiroz, and married her.

Hence, Christian and Mara announced they were expecting their first child together in February 2021.

Moreover, Christian is active on Instagram, regularly sharing moments with his first child, Leonel Estrada.

Additionally, Christian is a career-focused individual who continuously engages in sharing via social media handles.

Christian Estrada does not have a Wikipedia, so his career journey and net worth are the central curiosity.

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Career Net Worth Details Regarding Christian Estrada

Christian Estrada’s career success depended on his sole efforts and struggles when he backed off from soccer.

He was a semi-professional soccer player before his work on reality television.

Likewise, he enrolled in the modeling industry in 2014 because of his physics and appearance.

In July of 2015, he began posting modeling-related images to his Instagram account.

Slowly and steadily, many started to notice such a young talent, and then eventually went viral on the internet.

Christian Estrada chilling beside a pool.
Christian Estrada is a Mexican-American model and follows Christianity. (Source: Instagram)

Further, in 2019, Christian made his life breakthrough by being called up on The Bachelorette show and Bachelors Paradise.

Besides, in Bchelors Paradise Show, Christian faced various controversies and fights among the co-stars.

Hence, with such behavior and attitude, Christian Estrada was kicked out of the show.

According to Christian’s LinkedIn profile, he is an entrepreneur and a model for his online business, ESTRADA MENS COLLECTION.

It includes all kinds of men’s wear, from shirts, pants, shoes, jackets, watches, perfumes, and many more.

The net worth of Christian Estrada exceeds 5 million dollars, which has been a critical point of his Wikipedia interest.

His remarkable career serves as an inspiration to many aspiring entrepreneurs, highlighting his successful life.

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