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Christina Evangeline Wikipedia, Age: Kenan Thompson Ex Wife Bio

Ever since the news of her divorce from Kenan Thompson surfaced on the web, curiosity about Christina Evangeline surged, leading to a significant increase in searches for her Wikipedia page.

Christina Evangeline is an American model, actress, social media influencer, television personality, philanthropist, and entrepreneur.

Like many female celebrities, Christina also began as a model and later tried her hand at acting.

She got to play a small role in the 2015 short comedy movie Mini Supreme.

However, she became famous for marrying Kenan Thompson, an acclaimed Saturday Night Live star and Emmy Award nominee.

Eleven years later, Christina again captured public attention after her famous husband Kenan filed a divorce against her.

So, identifying as Kenan’s former wife, people are actively seeking information about the personal life of Christina Evangeline, searching for her details through Wikipedia.

Christina Evangeline Wikipedia: Age And Early Life

After Christina Evangeline rose to prominence, people began probing her on Wikipedia, but unfortunately, that doesn’t exist to this day.

As a result, much information about Christina Evangeline is still behind the curtain.

However, numerous websites provide details about her life.

Christina, also known as Krissy, was born on March 24, 1989, in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. So, as of 2023, she is 34 years old.

Regarding nationality, although Krissy is Canadian by birth, she now holds American citizenship.

Christina Evangeline is posing for camera with smiley face at night
Christina is a part of a well-settled family. (Source: Instagram)

Talking of her family, while the details about her parents remain scarce, it is known that she grew up with her younger sister named Rem.

As a child, Christina developed a passion for travel and photography, which she continues to regulate in her today’s life.

She often captures beautiful moments with her fans whenever she travels.

Regarding her educational background, available information suggests that she is a graduate, although specific details are yet under review.

Further, if her ethnicity is to be revealed, she is of mixed ethnical background.

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Career And Net Worth Of Christina Evangeline

Lately, people have shown keen interest in understanding Christina Evangeline’s career and how she ventured into the entertainment sector.

Christina began her model journey by participating in various shows and magazines. 

Over time, she carved out a significant modeling career, gracing runways for numerous designers and fashion events.

She was also featured in several magazines, but the specifics of her modeling endeavors have been kept private.

Christina is pictured with bluish background
Christina began her career as a model. (Source: Instagram)

In 2015, Christina transitioned her career into acting, landing a role in the short film Mini Supreme, where she portrayed the character of a pageant parent.

Besides the entertainment sector, Christina is deeply committed to philanthropy.

Per her personal website, she actively engages in charitable work and volunteers to aid the less fortunate and underserved communities.

She also supports several non-profit organizations, such as Save the Children Foundation, the Christian Rivera Foundation, and the America Refugee Committee.

She even co-founded the Evermore Foundation to help minor people.

Apart from Philanthropy, Christina is also a photographer, videographer, entrepreneur, and interior designer.

Having been in multiple fields like modeling, acting, endorsements, and other ventures, she has accumulated quite a good amount.

So, it won’t be a mistake to say she is a millionaire. Estimates suggest Christina’s net worth ranges between USD 1 million and 2 million.

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Christina And Her Ex, Kenan Thompson’s Relationship Explained 

In recent years, many people have been eager to understand Christina Evangeline’s marriage with the Saturday Night Live star and how they ended with divorce.

Christina and Kenan first crossed their paths through talent manager Danny Estrada.

After dating for a while, they got engaged, and their engagement news came out in October 2011.

About a month later, on November 11, 2011, the couple walked down the aisle.

Their wedding ceremony was held in the Arctic Room of Atlanta’s George Aquarium.

Christina and her husband Kenan carrying their kids
Christina is a happy mother of two daughters. (Source: Instagram)

Three years after their nuptial, their joy expanded when they welcomed their first child, Georgia Marie Thompson, on June 20, 2014.

Four years later, Christina and Kenan again celebrated the arrival of their second bundle of joy, Gianna Michelle.

They welcomed their youngest child, Gianna, on August 2, 2018.

Likewise, Christina frequently shared moments with her husband and children on social media platforms, mainly on her Instagram account.

When it looked like her family of four felt perfect, everything ruptured in the moment.

On April 7, 2022, reports revealed that the couple had separated over a year ago.

Christina Evangeline standing holding her daughter
Christina co-parents her daughters with her ex-husband. (Source: Instagram)

Though they have not disclosed the exact reason, they currently focus on co-parenting their two daughters.

After Christina’s divorce from Kenan, TMZ reported that she started dating SNL alum Chris Redd, but authenticity has yet to arrive.

Nonetheless, the absence of a dedicated Wikipedia page for Christina Evangeline complicates efforts for fans and followers to delve deeper into her personal life. 

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