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Christine Baumgartner Wikipedia, Age: Meet Kevin Costner Ex Wife

Since Christine Baumgartner filed for a divorce against her 18-year-long husband, Kevin Costner, several presumptions were made regarding her intention, eventually leading people to search for her life details through Wikipedia.

Christine Baumgartner is the ex-wife of famous American actor, director, producer, and musician Kevin Costner.

The couple walked down the aisle in 2004 and separated after 18 years in 2023, citing irreconcilable differences.

In the meantime, their divorce news garnered a lot of media attention.

Her husband, Kevin, suspected that Christine was planning to leave their marriage long before she filed a divorce petition.

As a result, people are searching for the details of Christine Baumgartner and looking up her Wikipedia page to learn about her inside life and current whereabouts.

Christine Baumgartner Wikipedia; Age And Career

Born on March 4, 1974, the ex-celebrity wife, Christine Baumgartner, is currently 49 years old. 

She grew up in her hometown, Los Angeles, alongside her family.

As for education, she attended California State University Fullerton and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

After graduation, she began her career as a model, and that’s when she came across her future husband, Kevin.

Christine wearing red cap with scarf in winter
Christine has minimal presence on Instagram. (Source: Instagram)

It was Kevin who inspired and motivated Christine to become a handbag designer.

Then, Christine began designing her handbags, and people would order more handbags, which led her to create her handbag lines.

Christine is now a handbag designer under the Cat Bag Couture label.

Since Christine Baumgartner is famous for her unique handbag design, many fashion enthusiasts follow her and search for her details on Wikipedia.

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Relationship Timeline Of Christine Baumgartner And Kevin Costner 

Christine Baumgartner met her then-future husband, Kevin Costner, in 1996 while filming Tin Cup.

At the time, Kevin was still married to his first wife, Cindy Silva, and their first meeting turned casual. 

Later in 1994, when Kevin and his first wife legally separated, Christine and Kevin dated briefly. 

Christine now ex, Kevin Costner celebrating special moment of Oscar
Christine Baumgartner’s ex-hubby, Kevin, is a multimillionaire. (Source: Instagram)

Four years later, in 1998, the pair again came across each other and fell in love.

This time, they decided to take their relationship to a new level, eventually tying the knot in 2004 on Costner’s 160 acres in Aspen.

From their marriage, they welcomed two sons, Cayden Wyatt and Hayes Logan, and a daughter, Grace Avery.

Despite this, their relationship couldn’t last, and Christine filed for a divorce against her spouse in May 2023. 

When the news of Christine and Kevin’s separation broke, many of their fans were shocked because their relationship was one of the most famous unions of their time.

Christine Baumgartner together with Kevin
Christine is a handbag designer. (Source: Instagram)

Kevin, however, filed legal papers with the court seeking to force his estranged wife out of his home under her premarital status.

He has since told the court he believes Christine lives in the house, tricking him into paying in ‘various financial claims.’

At the time, the procedure became messy; however, the estranged couple agreed to several terms shortly after. They finally settled their divorce in September of the same year.

After the divorce, Christine went on to live a private life and this prompted netizens to go online to find the Wikipedia page of Christine Baumgartner.

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