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Cindy Simon Skjodt Wikipedia, Net Worth: Assembly Hall After Her Name

As Cindy Simon Skjodt continues her philanthropic activities, people globally have shown interest in her personal life and are searching for her Wikipedia for further details.

Cindy Simon Skjodt is a prominent American philanthropist and community leader.

She is the co-founder and Board Chair of the Samerian Foundation, which provides funds on both national and international scales for education and other purposes.

Following her father’s legacy, Cindy’s philanthropic journey spans over 30 years and counting.

Throughout her journey, she has made significant contributions to the betterment of underserved youth.

Moreover, with the increasing popularity of Cindy Simon Skjodt, many have started scouring the internet in search of her Wikipedia.

Cindy Simon Skjodt Wikipedia: Early Life And Education

Despite her contributions to improving people’s lives, Wikipedia has not dedicated a page to Cindy Simon Skjodt.

However, the following article will provide you with every detail about her personal and professional life.

Cindy Simon Skjodt was born in January 1958 in Indianapolis, Indiana, United States, with the name Cinthia A. Simon.

Cindy Simon captured sitting in a sofa along with another man.
Cindy’s family influenced her thinking regarding philanthropic work since her early years. (Source: The Herald Times)

She is the daughter of the American businessman and film producer Melvin Simon and his wife, Bess Simon.

Unfortunately, Cindy’s father, Simon, died on September 16, 2009; he was a well-established business personality in Indianapolis.

He co-founded the largest shopping mall company in the United States, the Simon Property Group, along with his brother, Herb Simon.

Further, they also purchased one of the American professional baseball teams, Indiana Pacers, in 1983.

However, details about Cindy’s mother are not publicly available for now.

Cindy was raised in a wealthy family alongside her two siblings, Deborah Simon and David E. Simon.

Cindy’s brother David is an American billionaire, real estate developer, and current chairman and CEO of Simon Property Group.

The Simons family involved in various philanthropic activities since Cindy’s early years.

Growing up in a family dedicated to philanthropy, Cindy inherited the same generosity from a young age.

Furthermore, for her studies, Cindy graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Indiana University in 1980.

Later, in 1996, she completed her master’s degree from the Butler University in Indianapolis.

Moreover, Cindy’s upbringing instilled all the values and the legacy of compassion that further shaped her life.

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Meet Cindy Simon Skjodt’s Husband And Children

As for her relationship, Cindy is married to Paul Skjodt, an American-Canadian businessman and former ice hockey player.

The couple tied the knot 1987 in a vast marriage ceremony and shared an unbreakable bond to date.

Cindy Simon captured holding a basketball along with three other man.
Cindy has served on 38 local boards of directors and 27 action committees throughout her career. (Source: Twitter)

Moreover, Cindy and Paul share three children, Eric, Samantha, And Ian Skjodt.

Together, the couple is involved in various philanthropic activities and continues to provide donations to various organizations.

They also founded the Samerian Foundation in 2003, which created a $20 million endowment.

Meanwhile, during the 2018 elections, Business Insiders named them the leading donors, giving away $6.8 million to the Democratic Party.

Additionally, Paul founded and owned the now-defunct Indiana Ice hockey team of the USHL, which won the Clark Cup Championship in 2009 and 2014.

Moreover, the couple stands as an excellent example for people, showcasing the power of philanthropy to create positive and long-lasting impacts.

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Cindy’s Philanthropic Works And Awards

Cindy Simon Skjodt has made significant contributions across different philanthropic endeavors, which will all be included on her Wikipedia page.

She is deeply committed to the improvement and the well-being of the communities.

As the co-founder and Board Chair of the Sumerian Foundation, she has played an essential role in fostering positive change.

Meanwhile, her dedication to uplifting the lives of underserved youths is evident from her support for youth sports activities.

Cindy Simon captured during a speech.
Cindy has also served on the Holocaust Memorial Museum Council in Washington D.C. (Source: The Herald Times)

Cindy’s philanthropy extends to medical sectors, including healthcare, research, and educational institutes.

Her financial support in these areas has contributed to improving the quality of life for many.

Meanwhile, Cindy is also the leading funder and namesake of the Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall on the Bloomington campus.

Moreover, her contributions have earned her numerous awards, including the Sagamore of the Wabash award three times and other prestigious awards.

Nevertheless, Cindy’s contributions extend beyond explanation as she keeps up her exemplary work shaping communities and lives.

Furthermore, as for her net worth, no valid source of information about her finances is available.

Although the figures of her net worth have not made their way to the public, as part of one of the wealthiest families in the U.S., she surely holds a significant financial position.

And let’s hope Wikipedia will soon recognize the contributions of Cindy Simon Skjodt and dedicate a page to her soon.

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