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Is The Jurist Clarence Thomas Dead? Wife Virginia Reacts

About two decades ago, Clarence Thomas informed the nation that he had experienced a thousand deaths, and now people are actively seeking updates on whether he is dead.

Clarence Thomas, an American lawyer and jurist, served as an associate justice of the United States Supreme Court.

He is the second African American to serve on the Supreme Court and has been its longest-serving member since Anthony Kennedy’s retirement in 2018.

Growing up as a devout Catholic, Clarence originally intended to become a priest in the Catholic Church but became frustrated over the church’s insufficient attempts to combat racism.

Additionally, he has settled into a secluded suburban lifestyle.

Clarence has been the subject of different conspiracies throughout his years in justice, garnering attention, including his wife and health.

Recent news regarding Clarence Thomas being dead has sparked interest as people seek to learn the truth.

Is Clarence Thomas Dead? The Truth!

With numerous rumors circulating about Clarence Thomas being dead, it’s important to note that these claims hold no truth.

Clarence Thomas, 75, appears to be in good health, considering his active political involvement. Clarence’s emphasis on privacy stems from 1991.

The media scrutiny during Anita Hill’s allegations of sexual harassment left him and his wife feeling like prisoners in their own homes.

Meanwhile, details about his health remain primarily private.

Clarence thomas talking with hands
Clarence was reconciled to the Catholic Church in the mid-1990s. (Source: Twitter)

Likewise, the latest health news dates back to 2022.

During the time, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was discharged from a Washington, DC, hospital. 

He was admitted for an infection, but the court spokesperson provided limited information about his condition and hospital stay.

Moreover, after his brother died in 2000, Clarence emphasized that faith, family, and friends were paramount.

While he and his wife, Virginia, have courted controversies, they seem to thrive.

However, the public does not widely admire Clarence Thomas and his wife, Virginia.

Virginia Thomas smiling
Virginia is a Trump supporter who has long been active in conservative causes. (Source: PBS)

This sentiment is evident on Twitter, where an account named “Clarence Thomas dead?” continuously updates about his alleged death without acknowledging his continued existence.

In one recent post, the account admin expressed hope for a miracle in 2024, suggesting a desire for Clarence’s demise.

The widespread hatred towards Clarence Thomas raises questions about the causes of such intense dislike and the desire for his death.

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Clarence Thomas Contributes to Dying Empire

Many individuals openly express their desire for Clarence Thomas to pass away.

Supreme Court justices typically vacate their positions only through retirement, impeachment, or death.

This makes it crucial for them to demonstrate honesty and good judgment.

Many controversies surrounding Clarence Thomas have fueled widespread hatred towards him.

His emphasis on “personal responsibility” as a requirement for citizenship has raised numerous questions.

Clarence giving a side eye with straight face
Black people believe that Clarence is a “hypocrite” and a “traitor” (Source: Twitter)

Alongside him, his wife has also been embroiled in various rumors and controversies. Ethical concerns arise regarding Thomas’ wife, Virginia Thomas, a right-wing activist. 

The New Yorker highlighted her involvement with groups submitting briefs to the Supreme Court, including one addressing affirmative action in university admissions.

For 25 years, Clarence Thomas has faced scrutiny for various “errors and omissions” on financial disclosure reports. 

The Washington Post disclosed these issues, including instances where Clarence Thomas failed to report his wife’s income in the 2000s, leading to multiple amendments to his financial disclosures.

The Senate Finance Committee revealed the latest revelations amid controversies involving Clarence Thomas.

This prompted calls for him to recuse himself from cases or face removal from office and for the court to establish a binding code of ethics.

Despite enduring different setbacks and controversies, Clarence Thomas faces significant animosity.

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