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Cliffe Knechtle Wikipedia, Age: The Author Of Give Me An Answer

The author of the thought-provoking work Give Me An Answer, Cliffe Knechtle is back in town regarding his religious beliefs, and people now seem interested in his life details from the Wikipedia page of Cliffe Knechtle.

Cliffe Knechtle is a famous author and a host of the television ministry Give Me An Answer.

He is also the senior pastor of Grace Community Church in Luke Woods, New Cannan, United States.

Further, he also owns a YouTube channel with over 273 thousand subscribers, where he posts the clips of his TV show.

His engagement in thoughtful dialogues and debates, particularly on college campuses, has earned him great fame.

So, with the increase in popularity of Cliffe Knechtle, netizens are getting more curious about his personal life and want to know more from his Wikipedia page.

Cliffe Knechtle Wikipedia, Age: Early Life And Family

Despite being a well-known author and a religious TV program operator, Wikipedia has yet to dedicate a page for Cliffe Knechtle.

Cliffe Knechtle was born on December 4, 1954, in Berkeley, California, to his parents, Emilo Knechtle and Ann J. Knechtle. So, he is around 69 years old as of 2023.

Meanwhile, he was raised with his five siblings – Mary Banks, John, Heidi, Grace, and David.

Cliffe Knechtle posing with his son and other two peoples.
Cliffe’s son Stuart follows in the footsteps of his father. (Source: Instagram)

Their father, Emilo, was a renowned World evangelist, author, and businessman best recognized as Chairman of the Protestant Council in New York.

Meanwhile, his mother, Ann J., worked as a nurse after graduating from Columbian University. 

Growing up in a culturally vibrant city, Cliffe had a passion for knowledge that shaped his future self.

Furthermore, he graduated from Davidson College of North Carolina, and later, his academic journey led him to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

At MIT, Cliffe pursued a Physics Degree, initiating a unique journey that led him to explore philosophy and spirituality.

Moreover, Cliffe underwent a profound religious transformation during his college years that redirected his life.

Ciffe showing two fingers while giving a presentation.
Ciffe is often seen having reasonable conversations with the students. (Source: Instagram)

This conversion marked the beginning of a new journey for Cliffe Knechtle as a Christian, and he soon found himself exploring more, which is noteworthy on his Wikipedia.

Furthermore, Cliffe merged scientific knowledge with spirituality, enhancing reasoning skills, and began lecturing at various college campuses.

Later, he married his best friend, Sharon, and led a beautiful family together.

Married for over three decades, Cliffe and his wife have three sons: Robert, Stuart, and Ian.

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More About Give Me An Answer Author Cliffe: Career & Net Worth

Cliffe Knechtle published his first book, Give Me An Answer, in 1986.

The book reflects his commitment to engaging with profound questions about existence, purpose, and faith.

It provides thoughtful responses to life’s challenges, exploring the intersection of intellect and spirituality with reasoned insight.

Cliffe is seen explaining the peoples about god's existence.
In his book Give Me The Answer, Cliffe Knechtle also explains god’s existence.

The book also serves as a guide for seekers and skeptics alike, inviting readers to delve into the depths of their beliefs.

Through his book, Cliffe encourages readers to ponder life’s complexities and consider the transformative power of faith.

Moreover, the title reflects the author’s openness to addressing individuals’ questions.

Meanwhile, the book is a testament to Cliffe Knechtle’s legacy in Christian apologetics, filling the gap between science and faith.

Furthermore, as of 2023, Cliffe’s estimated net worth is approximately $1 million, primarily from his role as a senior pastor.

He reportedly earns around $3.7k to $58.5k per year from his YouTube channel, as per the website SocialBlade.

Hence, he can live a luxurious and peaceful lifestyle with his family from his earnings.

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