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Colleen Ritzer Husband: Was 24-Year-Old Math Teacher Married?

Despite years after her demise, people have shown interest in Colleen Ritzer and her personal life, including her husband.

Born on May 13, 1989, Colleen Ritzer hailed from Lawrence, Massachusetts, and came from a Christian family.

Colleen was a math teacher at Danvers High School who was friendly and well-liked.

Further, she always supported her students and helped them in their academic difficulties.

However, in October 2013, Colleen met a tragic end when one of her students killed her.

This shocking event led people to express their condolences to the friends and family of the beloved teacher.

Currently, people have been prying about the terrible incident as they search for Colleen Ritzer and her husband.

Colleen Ritzer Husband: Was The 24-Year-Old Math Teacher Married?

Colleen Ritzer was a bright and cheerful teacher who had just started teaching at Danvers High School.

After her murder, many people were interested in her personal life, including her marriage.

However, Colleen Ritzer did not have a husband, as she was not married at the time of her death.

Further, there is no proper data available about Colleen’s love life and boyfriend.

Colleen Ritzer costume
Colleen loved Halloween and often dressed up. (Source: Facebook)

Colleen’s case and the details also revealed that she enjoyed her time with her family rather than with her boyfriends.

Moreover, at the time, Colleen Ritzer was only 24 years old, so her focus was not on getting a husband.

Meanwhile, she was more inclined to build her career after graduating from Assumption University in Massachusetts.

Likewise, Colleen also had a dream to start her own business as an entrepreneur.

Coming from a well-established family, she was a multi-talented and kind individual.

Additionally, Colleen often stayed overtime at the school to help her students in their studies.

Colleen Ritzer sister
Colleen had a close relationship with her family and siblings. (Source: Facebook)

But it was one of those students, Philip Chism, who assaulted her and killed her on school premises.

As investigations proceeded, the court sentenced Chism to life in prison on charges of first-degree murder.

Further, the family of Colleen was present at all the court hearings and trials.

Many grieved along with her family as the Colleen case was one of the most disturbing in history.

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The Beloved Teacher: Family And Siblings

In addition to her presumed husband, many also wonder about the family of Colleen Ritzer.

Colleen Ritzer was born to her father, Thomas Ritzer, and her mother, Peggie Ritzer.

Further, her father is a successful businessman, whereas her mother is a housewife.

Likewise, Colleen was the eldest sibling in the family, with a younger brother, Daniel Ritzer, and a sister, Laura Ritzer.

The siblings shared a loving bond, as Laura still posts pictures dedicated to her late sister.

Colleen Ritzer family
Colleen was a multi-talented individual who had many dreams. (Source: Facebook)

Moreover, their mother also shares a lot of childhood photos and old memories on social media handles.

The family even fought to extend the sentence of the murderer as the case devastated them.

Additionally, they spoke after parol hearings as,

We pledge as Colleen’s loved ones, to apply the same vigor for life that Colleen demonstrated every day, to righting this moral wrong

Later, the family started a program, Step Up for Colleen, and often set up scholarship funds in her honor.

Recently, the civil case that followed Colleen’s criminal one came to a close.

This case investigated the new and state-of-the-art security of the school where Colleen was murdered.

Also, Collen’s family filed against architecture firm DiNisco Design, Inc.

During the civil proceedings, stakeholders emphasized improving school security for students and teachers.

Moreover, DiNisco Design was helpful to the family’s pursuit of answers related to school security.

As the lawsuit has ended, Colleen’s family and friends will forever remember her as a ray of sunshine.

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