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Courtney Kube Wikipedia, Age: How Old Is American Journalist?

As Courtney Kube continues to make her name in the journalism industry, more people search for her on Wikipedia. So, find further details about her personal and professional life in the article.

Courtney Kube is a renowned journalist who has marked her presence by covering important issues.

Further, she serves as a National Security & Military Reporter at NBC News.

Her experience and insightful reporting have inspired many to continue on a path as a news reporter.

Moreover, Kube’s passion and dedication reflect the hard work that she delivers on screens.

Thus, with increased popularity, people are interested in the details of Courtney Kube and her Wikipedia.

Courtney Kube Wikipedia, Age: How Old Is The American Journalist?

Despite being a well-known figure in the journalism circle, Courtney Kube does not have a Wikipedia page yet.

However, her professional profile provides us with some information on the journalist’s personal life.

Courtney Kube was born on July 28, 1978, in Bethesda, Maryland, and is 45 years old.

Courtney Kube in military base
Kube reported the events in Iraq. (Source: Twitter)

Further, her mature age adds to the numerous achievements under the Wikipedia of Courtney Kube.

Her mother, Dianne, was an author and inspired the journalist to excel in her career.

Growing up, Kube always had her older sister, Gretchen Kube-Clare, by her side.

As for her educational degree, Kube attended the University of Michigan, a top-ranked private institution.

After graduation, she was interested in being a doctor, as her favorite subject was biology.

However, in an internship, Kube met media personalities who switched her field from medicine to journalism.

Moreover, her knowledge laid a solid foundation for her future reporting and news broadcasting career.

Courtney Kube son
Kube’s son interrupted her live broadcast on NBC News. (Source: Instagram)

After moving to Washington D.C., Kube worked at Meet The Press in the Metro area.

Later, she performed the Pentagon Producer role, reporting about combats in Iraq.

Similarly, her skills and delivery resulted in the position of National Security Producer at NBC News.

Nevertheless, the 45-year-old journalist continued to showcase her passion and enthusiasm, which caught the eyes of the viewers.

Currently, Kube works as a military reporter and has played a crucial role in bringing true news to the people.

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A Happy Married Life: Courtney Kube’s Husband And Children Details

Courtney Kube and her married life also hold a huge position in her Wikipedia article.

According to her socials, the journalist has married Eric Ray Dent, a marine officer, since 2013.

Further, Dent works for Fincantieri Marine Group as a public relations director.

Courtney Kube is a live news
Kube has reported from the Pentagon as a military reporter.

As a Massachusetts Institute of Technology graduate, Dent has experience in various fields.

During his time in the Marines, he acted as an injured support coordinator and director of media relations.

Dent also has experience as a training director and associate professor at the Defense Information School.

Meanwhile, he also played the role of Public Affairs Officer for 36th Commandants for more than 4 years.

Nonetheless, Kube and Dent have flourished in their respective careers, which was enhanced by the presence of their children.

Soon after their marriage, they gave birth to their twin sons, Ryan Michael and Jackson Robert.

Courtney twin sons
Kube has built a stable life with her husband. (Source: Twitter)

Later, in 2021, they added a new member to their family, their third son, Andrew.

Despite Kube’s renowned image, she has kept a low profile about her children for several reasons.

However, in 2019, one of her twin sons wandered on set during a live broadcast, giving viewers an adorable moment.

Meanwhile, as Kube continues to excel at her work, she has the support of her children and husband.

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