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Matthew Stokoe Cows Book Wikipedia, Summary And Plot

As one of horror’s most disturbing novels, the book Cows by Matthew Stokoe has captivated readers’ attention globally as they seek an official Wikipedia page. Let’s delve further into the novel’s summary and plot.

With its first edition published in 1998, Cows is best known for its gory genre with themes of thriller, self-harm, and bestiality.

The author, Matthew Stokoe, is a native of England with a graduate degree from the University of East London.

Previously, he has written several books and film scenarios, along with co-writing credit for the internet comic Flick and Jube.

Moreover, Stokoe is mainly known for his brutal, noir, and violent writing style and takes inspiration from authors like Raymond Chandler.

Some of the author’s notable works include Colony of Whores, Empty Miles, and High Life.

However, Cows has captivated the essence of Stokoe’s style, receiving a 2.9 out of 5 rating on Goodreads.

Now, people look for the Wikipedia of Cows to explore the summary and plot details of the terrifying book.

Matthew Stokoe Cows Book Wikipedia, Summary And Plot

Partly due to the lackluster online rating for Cows, the book lacks a dedicated Wikipedia page.

However, we bring you a detailed plot summary of the horror book Cows by Matthew Stokoe.

The story follows 25-year-old Steven, who dwells in a faceless American city with his abusive mother, whom he refers to as the Hagbeast.

Cows Matthew Stokoe paperback cover
Cows shocked the readers with its unpredictable plot. 

Further, his only friend is a crippled dog named Dog, who has lost his legs after being bricked by Steven’s mother.

The disturbing story presents the grim life of the man, but things start to look bright when he starts working at a local slaughterhouse.

Moreover, Steven’s partner lives with him, and she is a woman with a love for poison, surgery, and vivisection.

After landing a job at the slaughterhouse, he hears a cow whispering to him through an air vent.

A cow revolution takes place with low bellowing, and soon, Steven becomes the ringleader in a power struggle between the animals and humans.

Additionally, the book takes inspiration from Animal Farm, which could be an interesting feat for the future Wikipedia of Cows.

Now, the cows gobble on human meat and realize that they are no longer the hiding property of men.

Cows book cover with a farm cow
The book has received a low rating on several sites. (Source: Twitter)

Meanwhile, the chapters close to the ending of Cows reveal that Steven was reliving his father’s traumatic past.

Such events explore themes of sexual and mental abuse that his father endured at the hands of Steven’s mother.

With a disturbing setting, the book has received mixed reviews and searches on Wikipedia for Cows.

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Cows Review: Readers Reaction To Unpleasant Scenes

The book received its second publication in 2015, which increased its global sales and audience.

Further, Steven’s hopeless and grim story received shocking reactions from readers.

Cows fell under the horror category with several warnings for pretty gruesome scenes, which was not for someone with a weak stomach.

Cows book review
Users on Twitter commented on the Cows story. (Source: Twitter)

During the book’s final moments, Steven is arrested by the police, but he escapes as a fugitive.

Moreover, he joins the underground herd and kills the main talking cow before the story ends.

However, the biggest question left by the plot is whether the cows are real or just fragments of the protagonist’s imagination.

Steven is not in control of his mental state, and his trauma in the story leads to a disturbing reality.

Additionally, he is living in an abusive household where darkness intoxicates his life.

Readers believe that the book presents poor writing with an absurd plot that is hard to read at times.

Similarly, Cows falls apart under the weight of its premise and the need to reveal something shocking at the end.

Cows book summary in Twitter
The cows in the book are intelligent beings with rational thoughts. (Source: Twitter)

Paired with many discomforting scenes and depictions along these lines, the book leaves the readers quite unprepared for the next event.

Further, the author fails to explain the story’s different layers properly.

With such discussions, Cows has received low ratings as most readers didn’t have the appetite to finish the book.

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