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Craig Mokhiber Wikipedia, Age: How Old Is Human Rights Director?

Craig Mokhiber, an international director and deputy for the ASG for Human Rights, has piqued public curiosity. People are eager to discover a Wikipedia page about Craig Mokhiber to delve deeper into his work and achievements.

Born in February 1960, Craig Mokhiber spent an extended period in the United States, eventually becoming an American citizen.

Since 1992, he has been dedicated to serving the United Nations, notably as the head of the Human Rights and Development Team during the 1990s.

His leadership has greatly contributed to advancing the original work of OHCHR. 

Mokhiber’s unwavering commitment to upholding human rights and his dedication to advocating for the rights of individuals have earned him the status of an honorable citizen.

He has garnered a substantial following of supporters who admire his efforts.

His increasing prominence has sparked considerable interest, with people searching for a dedicated Wikipedia page to learn more about Craig Mokhiber.

Craig Mokhiber Wikipedia And Age Details

Craig Mokhiber, born in February 1960, is presently 64 years old.

He holds a significant role in safeguarding people’s rights, although not everyone appreciates his actions.

Revealing information about his family could jeopardize their safety due to this opposition.

On a professional note, his LinkedIn profile indicates that he pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and Government at Buffalo State University.

It’s important to respect his privacy without delving into personal or potentially sensitive information.

The Director and deputy for the ASG for Human Rights Craig Mokhiber
Craig Mokhiber’s speech on the event Time to Act on Global Mental Health.

As the Director and Deputy for Human Rights at OHCHR New York, Craig Mokhiber’s sensitive role carried potential risks to his loved ones.

His dedicated service to the nation came with its share of challenges. The recent Israel-Gaza conflict made headlines.

Despite his high-ranking position in the United Nations, he chose to resign due to his deep concerns about the situation in Palestine.

Previously, Mokhiber had also held key positions, serving as the head of the Human Rights and Development Team.

As a UN Senior Human Rights Advisor in both the Occupied Palestinian Territories and Afghanistan.

Mr. Craig Mokhiber Hornerd with the position as a director and deputy for the ASG for Human Rights.
Mr. Craig Mokhiber is the Director and Deputy for the ASG for Human Rights at the United Nations in the UN Sustainable Development Platform. (Source: Facebook)

In his final communication to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Volker Turk.

Craig Mokhiber cited the UN’s failure to prevent civilian genocide as his reason for resignation.

His four-page resignation letter addressed concerns about the UN’s handling of the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Craig’s global efforts to promote a better society and peace have garnered increasing interest.

Many people are now searching for Craig Mokhiber on Wikipedia, and his supporters are curious about his social media profiles.

Is Craig Mokhiber Active on Social Media?

The Director of OHCHR, Craig, maintains an active presence on Twitter, engaging with people to share his thoughts and concerns.

With approximately 11.3k followers, his Twitter account serves as a platform for communication.

However, his Instagram and Facebook profiles appear to be inactive.

Craig Mokhiber
Craig Mokhiber appears to love nature, as most of his Instagram posts are all about nature and scenery. (Source: Instagram)

In contrast, his professional presence on LinkedIn boasts over 500 connections and approximately 2k followers, indicating his engagement in a more professional network.

While he may not be consistently active on most social media platforms, his public appearances discussing significant issues can be observed through news coverage and YouTube discussions.

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