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Crystal Renay Wikipedia, Age: Masked Singer Cow Ne Yo Ex Wife

After hearing the news of Safaree reportedly dating the masked cow singer Ne Yo’s ex-wife, Crystal Renay, fans have started searching for her Wikipedia page to learn more about her personal life and career. Let’s find out.

Crystal Renay is a 37-year-old American television personality, author, and entrepreneur.

She is widely known for her role in the reality TV show The Real and her marriage to singer-songwriter Ne-Yo.

Moreover, Crystal, at 1.65 meters tall, is of Italian, African-American, and Spanish descent, bringing a rich cultural background to her life.

Furthermore, starting in Florida, Crystal later moved to Los Angeles, California, before gaining fame.

Now, she is celebrated for her dynamic role in the entertainment industry and her personal life.

Moreover, Crystal’s social media presence is vibrant, where she engages with followers, providing glimpses into her life and family.

Nonetheless, after the news of her new boyfriend, the search for the Wikipedia page of Crystal Renay has spiked.

Crystal Renay Wikipedia: Early Life And Career

Crystal Renay Williams was born in the United States on September 18, 1986, and has had an exciting journey to fame.

She was raised by her grandmother, who grew up in Fort Myers, Florida, and started working early to support herself.

Initially, she worked in the medical field before she pursued a career in modeling, making a significant move to Los Angeles in 2011.

Crystal Renay pic with her bmw car.
Crystal’s Instagram username is @itscrystalsmith. (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, her life took a turn for the spotlight when she began dating the famous musician Ne-Yo.

This brought her increased recognition, and she even revealed her plans to write a book inspired by their relationship in August 2015.

Meanwhile, she entered the reality TV scene with About the Business in 2016, sharing the screen with personalities like Eva Marcille.

Later, in 2017, she launched her YouTube channel, Crystal’s Creations, which is dedicated to cooking instructional videos.

Currently, she is working on creating a successful culinary show through her YouTube channel.

Crystal Renay sleeping
Crystal Renay’s estimated net worth is $8.75 million. (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, her social media handle of Instagram is @itscrystalsmith, where she has amassed a following of over 445,000 people.

There, she keeps her fans engaged with glimpses into her personal life through photos and video clips.

But despite her journey from working in the medical field to becoming a model, reality TV star, and diverse talent, Crystal Renay has no dedicated Wikipedia page.

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Crystal And Ne-Yo Marriage: The Masked Singer Relationship

Crystal Renay has experienced a rollercoaster in her relationship with R&B singer Ne-Yo.

Firstly, Ne-Yo and Crystal Renay married in February 2016 and share three children.

It includes Isabella Rose, the youngest, Roman Alexander-Raj, the middle child, and Shaffer Chimere Jr, the oldest.

However, their relationship could not last longer as they filed for divorce in July 2021 and accused Ne-Yo of infidelity.

But news had that the couple reconciled in August 2021.

Furthermore, they had a grand remarriage ceremony on a rooftop adorned with over 10,000 red roses, showcasing their commitment.

Crystal Renay with her childern
Crystal Renay’s father’s name is Eduardo dos Santos, and her mother’s name is Vera Muller. (Source: Instagram)

Ne-Yo has spoken positively about how Crystal inspired his honest music and transformed him into a good man.

Sadly, the couple faced challenges, leading to an official divorce on January 26, 2022.

Crystal even accused Ne-Yo of having a child with another woman, but Ne-Yo responded by expressing a desire to address their issues privately.

Further, their divorce settlement included a one-time payment of $1.6 million, one of their shared homes, and $12,000 monthly for child support.

Ne-Yo also covered moving expenses with $20,000 and provided $150,000 for a new car.

However, the turbulence in life has not stopped the couple from thriving in their respective field.

Ne-Yo recently appeared on The Masked Singer as “Cow” in season 10.

He even won the competition with performances of songs by Janet Jackson and Rihanna.

Nonetheless, the absence of a dedicated Wikipedia page for Crystal Renay complicates efforts for fans and followers to delve deeper into her personal life, while Ne yo has one.

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