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New Anime Damiano David Tattoo 2023: Meaning And Design

The dynamic lead vocalist of Måneskin, Damiano, has a magnetic stage presence that has taken the music world by storm. And now, people are trying to explore the tattoo on Damiano David and its meaning.

Damiano David, born on January 8, 1999, in Rome, Italy, is an Italian singer and songwriter famous as the frontman of the band Måneskin.

He completed his schooling at Liceo Linguistico Eugenio Montalo in Rome.

Right from his early schooling, Damiano indulged himself in music.

His singing journey started when he was six, but he entered the music industry at 17. Now, he is 24 years old.

Realizing his potential for music, he formed a band with Victoria De Angelis and Thomas Raggi in high school.

The band gained popularity with their song Zitti e Buoni, winning the Eurovision Song Contest in 2021.

The young charmer has swooned the heart of the audience with his performance. However, the fans are now curious about the new tattoo of Damiano David.

New Anime Damiano Tattoo 2023: Meaning And Design

Damiano David has multiple tattoos across his body. He also models regularly flaunting his tattoo.

Although he has several tattoos, the most famous one is the anime-styled tattoo that Damiano David has.

Damiano David flaunting tattoo in a mirror selfie.
Damiano David’s parents are both flight attendants, because of which they traveled worldwide from an early age. (Source: Instagram)

This tattoo is on his chest and is very clearly visible as well. The tattoo features 3 different anime female characters.

One female character is inked on the right and left side of his chest, respectively.

Whereas one of the female characters is right around his belly bottom area. A very distinct MAMMAMIA is also on the bottom half of this tattoo.

The exact meaning of this is yet to be decoded. But most fans believe this to be of female characters across various anime.

Damiano taking a picture while getting tattooed
Damiano David is an advocate for racial and LGBTQI+ rights. (Source: Instagram)

The tattoo is done by a tattoo artist based in Copenhagen, Denmark. This tattoo on Damiano David follows the prior design patterns of the tattoo artist.

In one of the posts sharing the tattoo, the artist mentioned the tattoo as 3 sassy sisters.

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Did Damiano Get A Tattoo Upon His Visit To Japan?

Måneskin had a tour scheduled in Japan in late 2022. During this visit, Damiano David got another tattoo on the side of his chest.

This tattoo covers the entire side of his chest and looks like a dragon.

Damiano showing his dragon tattoo while performing on stage
Damiano David is in a long-term relationship with Italian model and influencer Giorgia Soleri. (Source: Instagram)

The artist, this time, is a Japanese tattoo artist famous for blending Japanese culture into his tattoos.

Damiano David seems to like this tattoo, as during his performance in Japan, he told the crowd that Japan would remain with him.

The tattoo dedicated to Måneskin Album ILL BALLO DELLA VITA is right below the neck of Damiano David.

This, however, is abstract or unclear to fans. The debut studio album of Måneskin is exactly that.

The meaning of the text is The Dance of Life, and the album was released in October 2018. Further, he also has a tattoo of the initials MA on his back right below his neck.

Damiano David showing off his back tattoos for a picture
Damiano David is quite fascinated with Greek mythology and the character of Icarus. (Source: Instagram)

Damiano is very fond of the album and the band. Hence, he has decided to ink such prominent tattoos dedicated to it.

Among plenty of abstract tattoos, the primarily visible tattoo on his chest is a snake on a fruit, presumably an apple.

This tattoo seems to symbolize temptation.

As per the Christian Bible story of Adam and Eve, a snake tempted Eve with a forbidden apple.

He also has a tattoo of baby archers on his back. Although not sure, this could be showing his love for children.

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Are Damiano David Tattoos Too Much?

Damiano has many other tattoos that are tough to decode, and he has not offered any explanation, either.

Such unclear tattoos include tattoos of anime-looking characters on his arm and panthers on his abdominal side.

To add to that, similar abstract tattoos also include a butterfly on the upper side of his arm and a tribal man on the bottom of his arm.

Damiano tattoos on the right side of his arm
Damiano David is linked with the famous Italian soccer club A.S. Roma in Series A as he loves soccer. (Source: Instagram)

Damiano David, though, is showing no signs of stopping tattooing himself.

Many fans do encourage him in this hobby of his. However, several fans now seem rather irked with this hobby becoming somewhat of an obsession.

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