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Actor Damon Runyan Wikipedia Age: Royal Date for Christmas cast

After the release of the movie A Royal Date For Christmas, Damon Runyan, the lead actor of the movie is trending online. And netizens are searching for the Wikipedia of Damon Runyan to know more.

Damon Runyan is a Canadian actor, writer, and director renowned for his roles in movies and television series.

Similarly, he has carved a successful path in the entertainment industry through his dedication and strong work ethic.

His noteworthy contributions have earned him a significant presence in Hollywood. 

Despite being born in another country, Damon stands out as an example of achieving stardom in Hollywood.

Likewise, his journey from Canada to becoming an accomplished actor has piqued the curiosity and excitement of many.

Fans eagerly anticipate the information about Damon Runyan available on the dedicated Wikipedia page, eager to learn more about the actor.

Damon Runyan Wikipedia: Age And Early Life

Not having a dedicated Wikipedia page for a celebrity like Damon Runyan makes it challenging for fans to learn about him.

Damon Runyan, to date, does not have a Wikipedia page specifically dedicated to him.

Despite his professional visibility, the charming actor actively keeps his personal life under his hat.

As a private person without a Wikipedia page, Damon Runyan makes it difficult for his fans to access information about him.

Damon Runyan and his wife kissing black white photo
Damon wished his wife a happy anniversary. (Source: Instagram)

The actor, Damon was born on January 1, 1976, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and he is now 47 years.

However, details about his parents and siblings remain in the shadows. Likewise, Damon hasn’t shared much about his childhood experiences.

Additionally, he attended The Lyrics School of Acting and pursued acting at The Second City after initially starting his career as a futures trader.

Damon Runyan has been married to actress Jodie Dowdall for several years.

Jodie is recognized for her roles in Dead of Winter and Earth: Final Conflict.

Damon with her daughter selfie
Damon wishes his followers a Happy New Year 2022. (Source: Instagram)

The couple welcomed their daughter, Ruby Runyan, into the world on March 1, 2017.

Nonetheless, people searching for a Wikipedia page are not just interested in personal details.

They also want insights into his professional journey and how he reached his current position.

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Damon Runyan’s Career And Net Worth 

After completing acting school, Damon Runyan secured many roles in both movies and series.

He initially began his acting career as a supporting actor in numerous Hollywood television series.

One of his breakthrough moments occurred in 2015 when he gained popularity for his role in the television series Gangland Undercover.

Furthermore, Damon progressed to a lead role in the 2017 television series Star Trek: Discovery.

Subsequently, he established himself as a lead actor and participated in various television films.

Some of them include The Narcissist, Prisoner X, and A Killer in My Home.

Damon Runyan playing swing
Damon is also a writer and director of the award-winning shorts. (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, he can also be seen in different holiday movies like Christmas in Washington, Mistletoe Over Manhattan and so on.

Likewise, his recent movie, A Royal Date for Christmas, drew significant attention. In this film, Damon Runyan plays Stefan.

His role was a demanding client requiring outfits for a week of important meetings and events after losing his luggage.

Additionally, to date, he has appeared as a lead actor in more than 5+ television series and starring in over 15+ television movies.

Damon old photo with hand in head
Damon’s love for acting would prevail and he returned to the craft in 2001. (Source: Instagram)

Damon Runyan’s dedication to the performing business has resulted in his impressive net worth of $15 million.

Surprisingly, there is still no dedicated Wikipedia page for Damon Runyan, despite his extensive contributions.

Many people believe he deserves one, considering his outstanding work in the performing arts.

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