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Dark Brandon Wikipedia: Meme Biden Campaign Embraced!

The name ‘Dark Brandon’ is currently trending on the internet, piquing people’s interest and leading to a rise in searches for its Wikipedia entry. Let’s explore more.

Online progressives originated the meme ‘Dark Brandon’ to mock and satirize supporters of ‘Dark MAGA.’

Madison Cawthorn promoted this belief, suggesting that former President Trump will stage a determined comeback to power.

Later, in September 2022, the phrase was employed to ridicule Biden and draw comparisons to Adolf Hitler.

Further, the term was used by both Biden’s supporters and opponents on various social platforms.

Confusion around the name ‘Dark Brandon’ has prompted internet users to actively search Wikipedia for further details.

Dark Brandon Wikipedia: Meme Biden Campaign Embraced!

Despite the ongoing usage of the word all over the internet, Dark Brandon still lacks a dedicated Wikipedia page.

The following article will provide detailed information about Dark Brandon relevant to the Wikipedia page.

Dark Brandon is a meme that originated as President Biden’s internet alter ego, depicted as a cooler version with laser eyes.

Dark Brandon and joe biden
No one knows how it originated. (Source: Twitter)

The Dark Brandon meme gained rapid popularity among Biden supporters, transforming into a positive affirmation.

Supporters and critics of Biden, including Democrats, politicians, and White House staff, have boosted the popularity of the ‘Brandon’ meme in the past year.

At the 2023 White House Correspondents Dinner, Biden himself joked about the ‘Brandon’ meme while wearing aviator sunglasses.

I’m going to be fine with your jokes, but I’m not sure about Dark Brandon.

Beginning as an ironic response to a right-wing meme, it has become a triumphant anthem for the Biden campaign.

Joe Biden with a cup
Dark Brandon has a verified Twitter account. (Source: Twitter)

On Biden’s newly launched 2024 campaign website, visitors recently stumbled upon a ‘Dark Brandon’ Easter egg on the 404 landing page.

Moreover, the website now sells cups, T-shirts, and other items related to the meme.

Additionally, Biden posted an Instagram photo with a picture of Dark Brandon, sparking a mixed reaction in the comment section.

However, most people reacted positively and expressed support in response to the images.

Therefore, this may help Dark Brandon to have its own Wikipedia page in the future.

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How Did The Meme Start: Let’s Go Brandon?

The rise of Dark Brandon led many netizens to question its origin and who started the meme.

Dark Brandon is a spinoff of the ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ meme, which started when a NASCAR reporter misheard fans chanting ‘F— Joe Biden’ as ‘Let’s go, Brandon’ in October 2021.

Dark Brandon
Dark Brandon does not have a Wikipedia page. (Source: Twitter)

However, Dark Brandon did not spark netizens’ attention until the summer of 2022.

Just a week after Biden’s 2020 win, on November 14, 2020, Chinese illustrator Yang Quan posted images on Weibo depicting the president as evil.

Though not explicitly labeled Dark Brandon, Quan’s images resurfaced months later across the internet, finding a following among pro-Biden supporters.

According to some sources, Dark Brandon started as an ironic far-right meme by extreme conservatives who dislike Biden, giving him their aesthetic.

a picture of dark brandon with hand signs
Netizens have created numerous memes in connection with Dark Brandon. (Source: Twitter)

Others argue that it was crafted by ‘snarky leftists’ repurposing Dark MAGA memes to ironically convey their disapproval of Biden.


Despite its unclear origin, Biden has embraced the meme, recognizing its appeal and using it to energize his supporters and refresh his public image.

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