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Does DC Young Fly Has A New Girlfriend In 2023? Debunk Rumor

DC Young Fly is known for his engaging content with witty humor, and many wonder if he has a new girlfriend as rumors surface online.

The internet sensation DC Young Fly, originally John Whitfield, was born on May 2, 1992, in Atlanta.

He had a passion for entertainment since a young age and even sang in his church choir.

Further, DC Young grew to prominence with comedy videos, which he started posting on Instagram.

During his career, the comedian achieved many milestones and settled down with his long-term girlfriend, Jacky Oh.

However, DC Young had to bear the loss of his wife after many years of relationship.

Now, many wonder if DC Young Fly has a new girlfriend after many speculations surrounding the comedian.

Does DC Young Fly Has A New Girlfriend In 2023? Debunking The Rumor

For many years, DC Young Fly was together with his girlfriend, starting a new chapter in his life.

Even though they were not married, the comedian shared three children with Jacklyn Smith, popularly known as Jacky Oh.

However, she died in May after suffering major complications from surgery.

Despite her death, DC Young Fly does not have a new girlfriend yet as he still mourns Jacky Oh’s demise.

DC Young Fly with his family
DC Young shared a peaceful life with Jackey Oh. (Source: Twitter)

Jacky Oh was a TV personality known for her role in season six of Wild ‘N Out.

According to her IMDb, she has also appeared in a number of films like Clout, Scheme Queens, and Miscraft.

Along with that, Jacky Oh had a huge following on her social accounts after her relationship with the comedian.

However, she lost her life at an early age after undergoing a mommy makeover surgery in Miami.

Moreover, she was found unresponsive in her hotel room in May 2023, according to a Miami Police Department report.

DC Young Fly back tattoo
DC Young still admires his late wife, Jackey Oh. (Source: Instagram)

As proof of his admiration, DC Young later inked a portrait of Jacky onto his back.

This further hints at the fact that DC Young Fly does not have a new girlfriend currently.

Similarly, he is busy taking care of his children and grieving the loss of his beloved partner, with whom he shared precious moments.

Additionally, DC Young often shares heartfelt posts dedicated to his late partner, which many seem to adore.

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DC Young Struggle With Grief: Loss Of Close Family Member

DC Young has had to struggle with the loss of other family members, including his cousin and sister.

The internet personality shared in an Instagram post that his sister had died in the same year as his partner.

However, the 31-year-old star did not share details about his sibling’s cause of death.

DC Young Fly new show
DC Young has also released several mixtapes. (Source: Instagram)

Further, DC Young opened up about his struggle with grief through the post.

He stated that god will grant him the strength to pass through the tough times in his life.

Meanwhile, supporters flooded the comment sections with warm messages, while many praised his faith.

Growing up, DC Young came from a large family and was born as the youngest of seven children.

Similarly, his mother played a huge role in his upbringing, which the comedian respects.

After graduating from university, DC Young’s comedic talent amassed a large audience.

DC Young poses for a photo
DC Young gained popularity with comedy videos. (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, he also worked on his musical career with artists like Juicy J, EARTHGANAG, B.o.B, and Mike Will Made It.

Despite going through a lot within a year, DC Young did not give up his passion for entertainment.

In turn, such events encouraged him to do better in his personal and professional life.

With the release of his latest mixtape and appearance on season seven of Wild ‘N Out, DC Young has become a favorite of many.

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