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Did Cat Janice Passed Away? Update On Pop Artist Health

Pop Artist Cat Janice is in the headlines as rumors spread quickly, speculating that she passed away; now, it is causing concern worldwide, and people are searching for the truth behind her passing. Let’s find out the truth.

Cat Janice is a singer-songwriter from Washington, DC, USA, who has gained the hearts of many through her emotional songs.

Her rise to fame came with releasing her emotionally charged single, Dance You Outta My Head.

The songs draw inspiration from artists like The Man, CHVRCHES, and Dua Lipa, who all share similar catchy rhythms.

In addition to her involvement in music, she is a member of the Recording Academy of Grammys.

Furthermore, she initiated the Love Earth A Little More Environmental Campaign in 2020.

However, Cat Jancie is fighting back against cancer in a hospice, as per her Instagram posts and stories.

Lately, the media was informed that Cat Janice passed away, leading to confusion about the information. Let’s find out the truth behind it.

Did Cat Janice Passed Away? Update On Pop Artist Health

Celebrities like Cat Janice often face regular rumors about their supposed deaths.

Likewise, questions like “Did Cat Janice passed away?” have arisen suddenly and unexpectedly.

Some rumors are circulating that Cat Janice, a 31-year-old singer-songwriter, died on Jan 25.

Cat performing on stage with ditoromusic.
Cat Janice only completed the song once she entered a songwriting competition. (Source: Instagram)

However, Cat Janice is currently receiving hospice care due to ongoing cancer treatment, according to various news channels.

Cat has shared her journey of discovering a precancerous lump and receiving a cancer diagnosis on TikTok.

Recently, a detailed medical study identified a tumor in Cat’s neck muscle, leading to the diagnosis of Sarcoma Cancer.

Meanwhile, Cat is still sharing her journey with everyone and raising cancer awareness while fighting it.

Recently, Cat Janice released a touching song, Dance You Outta My Head, dedicated to her son.

Moreover, she also thanked her fans for having her song chart in the top 11 on Billboard through her Instagram on Jan 31.

This also proves that Cat Janice has not passed away, and the sites writing about the singer passing away on Jan 25 are untrue.

Cat looking gorgrous in her outfit perfectly matched for her short hair.
Cat Janice has been diagnosed with sarcoma and is currently in a hospice. (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, the song was a sincere token of appreciation and gained much attention and public support.

Cat ensured that all the money earned from streaming this song went to her son Loren, providing him with financial compensation as a gesture of love.

Despite facing challenges, she still shows respect and love towards her family, and her influence on young girls transitioning into adulthood is significant.

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Details On Family And Husband Reaction To Cat Janice’s Cancer News

Cat Janice, a gifted singer-songwriter from Washington DC, and her family have been struck by her struggle with cancer.

In 2021, doctors confirmed that Cat had sarcoma, one of the rarest malignant tumors.

However, after undergoing surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation, she had a cancer-free year till 2023.

During that period, she shared her music with the world on TikTok, as her musical repertoire encompasses a wide range of genres and styles.

Sadly, in January 2024, Cat disclosed that her cancer had come back, and she went to hospice.

Cat Janice in her bed for a photoshoot for her new song.
Cat Janice also has a son named Loren, who loves and inspires her for her last song. (Source: Instagram)

Her illness has had a profound impact on the lives of not just Cat’s but also affected her family.

The real name of Cat Janice is Catherine Janice Ipsan, and she has a 7-year-old son, Loren, with her husband Kyle Higginbotham.

Throughout Cat’s battle with cancer, Kyle’s unwavering support remained by her side like a comfort.

Their story has inspired many people to understand the challenges they experienced.

Meanwhile, Cat’s husband and son have been a source of strength for her as she goes through a challenging process in her life.

Nonetheless, the story of Cat Janice has moved the hearts of many and is a symbol of her perseverance and her love to spread through all people.

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