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Did Ethan Leave Sidemen? Behzinga Responds To Viral Rumors

Various news outlets are suggesting that Sidemen co-founder Ethan Payne ‘Bazinga’ is not a member anymore, fans are looking for answers amidst the confusion, did he leave?

Ethan Payne is a famous YouTube streamer and social media personality who was born in the year 1995 on June 20.

He is also one of the co-founders of the British YouTube group ‘Sidemen.’

Ethan is mostly known as ‘Bazinga’ by his fans because his YouTube channel goes by the same name.

He mentions that the word comes from his favorite TV sitcom ‘The Big Bang Theory.’

His influence in the online community has been vast which is why he was on the list of the 31 most influential online creators in the UK by ‘The Sunday Times.’

However, currently, various rumors have been surfacing about his rift with the other members of his famous YouTube group.

The fans want to know if Ethan did leave Sidemen after spending years of his life on it.

Debunking Rumors And Speculations: Did Ethan Payne Leave Sidemen?

The rumor first began through the short video-making app TikTok.

Many fans of Sidemen immediately went to Ethan’s Instagram account searching for answers.

Ethan selfie
The rumor got bigger also because Ethan was very silent on his social media. (Source: Twitter)

Ethan has been such an important part of Sidemen that the rumors about him leaving left his fans in worry.

Initially, Ethan was silent and not engaging with any of the DMs or comments on his social media pages.

Many other articles and news sites started covering the rumors.

This made everyone believe that Ethan did leave and is not part of Sidemen anymore.

However, he has finally come forward with a clarification.

He made a post on his Instagram saying that he had not left the group.

In the post, Ethan Payne suggested that he was hanging out with the other members of the group as he was making the video.

To make things even more clear, he directly said that he is ‘still one of them.’

Ethan Payne holding a trophie
Fans are happy after Ethan did take the initiative to let everyone know he did not leave Sidemen. (Source: Twitter)

This has calmed down the fans along with all the rumors on the Internet.

Some fans are even making memes of how everyone got so serious about the rumor.

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Sidemen Celebrates 10th Anniversary Together: Ethan Shares An Old Photograph On His Twitter

It is not a hidden fact that there have been times when the group members may have had some kind of conflict between them.

However time and again all the members of Sidemen let their fans know that they very much value each other.

Ethan recently shared their group picture on his Twitter account on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the group.

Did Ethan leave sidemen
Sidemen still look as much good together as they did in their initial days. (Source: Twitter)

The group members have grown up together, it is highly unlikely that Ethan will leave the group anytime soon.

However, like any other Internet group, there may come a time when they decide to part ways but it is not right now.

Sideman is doing extremely well for themselves, their popularity is growing more and more.

It would be extremely stupid for any one of them to let go of such a growing Internet group.

Let’s see what the future holds for each one of them and how will they navigate through such rumors in the coming future.

As of now, there is nothing to worry about for the Sidemen fans.

They are probably planning to post a series of content together very soon for all of us to watch and enjoy.

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