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Does Addison Rae Die In Thanksgiving? Killer In The 2023 Movie

Thanksgiving is a mysterious horror movie that has made many people curious about who the killer is and whether the character of Addison Rae die in the film.

Eli Roth directed the 2023 American slasher Thanksgiving, and Jeff Rendell wrote the story. Meanwhile, the movie had Roger Birnbaum as their producer.

Currently, the movie Thanksgiving, a mix of horror and comedy, is showing everywhere in theatres.

Meanwhile, the movie received mixed reviews; some found the story thrilling, while others thought it lacked a suspenseful plot.

Nevertheless, at the end of Thanksgiving, Eli Roth reveals the killer’s identity and their dark reasons and hints at a possible sequel.

But with the hanging cliff, fans have a question throughout the movie: Did the character of Addison Rae die on Thanksgiving?

What Is The Thanksgiving Movie About?

Sixteen years ago, director Eli Roth created a fake movie trailer for Quentin Tarantino’s film Grindhouse. He named this fictional movie idea Thanksgiving.

Speaking to the New York Times, Eli explained that developing the full-length film took time because they faced challenges with the story.

As for the plot, the movie Thanksgiving focuses on a killer who popularly goes by John Carver in the historic town of Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Adison Rae movie where character holding phone with guy with mask behind him
The identity of Thanksgiving’s killer is teased in the opening scene. (Source: IMDB)

He was renowned for hosting the first Thanksgiving in the 1600s.

The story begins a year after a deadly Black Friday stampede that led to multiple deaths.

Drawing from Plymouth’s historical significance, John Carver decides to wreak havoc on the town, targeting individuals he believes caused the Black Friday tragedy.

Similarly, as Thanksgiving nears, he sets his sights on specific victims, with the Wright family, Thomas, Kathleen, and their daughter Jessica at the top of his list.

Alongside Jessica’s friends, they race against time to unveil the identity of this masked assailant.

During the unfolding events, John Carver, dressed as a clown, seizes the Wright family and Jessica’s friend Scuba.

He takes them to his hideout, where two more of Jessica’s friends, Gabby (Addison Rae) and Evan (Tomaso Sanelli), are already captive. 

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Who Is The Killer In 2023 Movie Thanksgiving?

One of the biggest mysteries in the movie is figuring out who the killer named John Carver is.

In Thanksgiving, Patrick Dempsey portrays Sheriff Newlon, the unexpected killer.

As for the story, Jessica, the primary survivor, escapes the dangerous situation and believes her ex-boyfriend, Bobby, is the culprit as he wears the killer’s mask.

She immediately contacts the police. At first, Patrick acknowledges Jessica’s efforts to apprehend the murderer.

However, Jessica spots stickers on Patrick’s pants, identical to those the killer possessed.

When Jessica confronts him, Patrick admits to his vengeful motives.

A man in the movie wearing masks
Jessica used Patrick’s advice to take him down on Thanksgiving’ (Source: Twitter)

Throughout the film, clues indicate that Patrick might be the culprit. In the climactic confrontation, he plots harm against Jessica, her father, Scuba, and Gabby.

Yet, Jessica cleverly records Patrick’s confession, trapping him.

Meanwhile, Patrick’s desire for revenge stems from his affair with Amanda, who was wed to Mitch.

Although Mitch accuses Jessica’s family of causing Amanda’s demise, it is truly Patrick seeking retaliation due to Amanda carrying his unborn child.

Likewise, in a surprising turn, a fire erupts, and Patrick’s body remains missing.

Viewers speculate as masked firefighters arrive, Newlon might return in a potential sequel titled Thanksgiving 2, as Jessica cannot identify them.

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Does Addison Rae Die On Thanksgiving? The Truth!

Addison Rae portrays the character Gabby, a close friend of Jessica, in the movie.

The film introduces the main characters and discusses Black Friday sales before diving into the intense scenes.

Once the suspenseful moments start, they persist throughout.

Meanwhile, many viewers wondered: Will the character Gabby, played by Addison Rae, die by the end of Thanksgiving?

Also, some Reddit users believed that her character’s demise might heighten the film’s excitement.

However, to set the record straight, Addison Rae, aka Gabby, does not die until the end of Thanksgiving.

Addison Rae tight up screaming
Addison Rae was the first cast member announced for the film. (Source: IMDB)

Only two of the seven primary friends face fatal outcomes by the movie’s end.

Meanwhile, characters like Scuba, Ryan, Bobby, Gabby, Jessica, and Jessica’s father, Thomas, successfully evade Patrick’s assaults.

Notably, Thomas, responsible for certain decisions that led to the tragic situation, also survives, igniting debates among enthusiasts about who should have survived.

Nevertheless, the movie Thanksgiving talks about shopping, history, and what the holiday means.

In the end, even though some big characters get away without harm, they still worry about possible revenge.

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