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Does Alastor Like Charlie Or See As A Daughter? Hazbin Hotel Spoiler

Alastor and Charlie make a very entertaining duo in the Hazbin Hotel series. Their relationship is often a topic of curiosity, as some fans even wonder if Alastor likes to see Charlie win because he views her as a daughter.

Hazbin Hotel is a famous American animation series created by Vivienne Medrano.

It has a very interesting plot that revolves around the main character of this show, Charlie Morningstar, who is the ‘Crown Princess’ of hell.

Charlie is determined to rehabilitate the monsters in her Hazbin hotel so they can be sent to heaven.

However, like any other show, Hazbin Hotel also has its own set of protagonists, and one of them is none other than Alastor.

Alastor, while saying that he wants to help Charlie rehabilitate the monsters, also dismisses her belief that there is any chance for them to go to heaven.

The unique dynamic between Alastor and Charlie has made some of the show’s fans curious about their relationship.

They want to know if Alastor does see Charlie as a daughter or if he likes her romantically.

The Enigmatic Relationship: Does Alastor Like Charlie Or See Her As A Daughter? 

Various fan pages and websites about the show suggest that Alastor could be someone like a fatherly figure to Charlie.

There are even theories that hint that Alastor is Lucifer in disguise.

Alastor Hazbin Hotel
Alastor does things that make the fans see differently and speculate if he views Charlie as a daughter. (Source: Twitter)

According to the theories, Alastor does everything to help Charlie because he sees her as his daughter.

Some fan pages point out that they have similar mannerisms and traits to prove they are related.

One Reddit post highlights how Alastor and Charlie have similar body builds and facial expressions.

Both are known for keeping their hands behind their backs and love singing.

Does Alastor See Charlie As A Daughter
Charlie loves to play around with Alastor, and so does he. (Source: Twitter)

However, despite all these theories, other fans believe that Alastor and Charlie could be a romantic duo.

They like to point out that the dynamic is exciting; sometimes they fight, and sometimes they make up.

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Fans Embrace The Sinister Business Dynamic Between Alastor And Charlie In Hazbin Hotel

Other fans like to dismiss the romantic side of the Hazbin Hotel characters by saying that it will only ruin the story’s plot.

They believe that Alastor and Charlie’s sinister business relationship is interesting, just as it is.

Even if Alastor does see Charlie as his daughter, the fans do not want this to be a thing.

The fans do not want to see a romantic or father-daughter plot between the two characters.

Alastor and Charlie Hazbin hotel characters
Whatever the dynamic is between the two, it is undoubtedly very entertaining. (Source: Twitter)

Hazbin Hotel is unique in not having this kind of dynamic in the show.

Fans enjoy the refreshing plotline without any emotional involvement between the characters.

The makers of this show have also never given us any indication of the relationship between the two characters.

We will have to wait for the upcoming episodes to know whether Alastor does see Charlie as his daughter.

Even if he doesn’t, there will probably be some other storyline that will be equally interesting to watch.

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