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Does Tucker Carlson Know Russian? Interview With Vladimir Putin

Journalist Tucker Carlson was extremely proficient during his interview with Vladimir Putin, which left many viewers wondering if he is an expert in Russian. So, what’s the truth? Let’s explore.

Tucker Carlson is a famous American Conservative Political commentator born on May 16, 1969.

He hosted the talk show Tucker Carlson Tonight, which aired on the Fox News channel.

After the termination from the show, he has been continuing his work as a journalist on his social media account, Twitter.

While many admire his no-nonsense demeanor, others are critical of his conservative views.

He has been an open advocate of former U.S. President Donald Trump and is a big defender of Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

Currently, he is in the headlines for his two-hour-long interview with Putin.

The way nature of the interview between Tucker Carlson and Putin has left many people wondering if he does know some Russian.

Does Tucker Carlson Know Russian? Speculation Arises Amid Interview With Vladimir Putin

The speculation that Tucker Carlson may know Russian arose after some people pointed out a tiny gap between Tucker and Putin’s conversations during the interview.

It was as if he did not need translation to know what the Russian leader was telling him.

Journalist Tucker Carlson in the frame
Journalist Tucker Carlson is originally from San Francisco. (Source: Twitter)

Often, when an interview takes place between two people who do not know each other’s language, there is a need for a third party.

But, while Tucker was interviewing Putin, there was no translator in the room.

Not only that, but Carlson Tucker also did not seem to have any earpiece on him. As a result, many people wonder if Tucker Carlson knows some Russian.

But, contrary to all the speculations, Carlson Tucker doesn’t know Russian, which he has accepted. He once said,

I’ve never been to Russia. I don’t speak Russian, and of course, I’m not an agent of Russia.

After this statement, Netizens say that he may have had an earpiece on his left ear that was not visible in the camera.

Tucker Carlson interviewing Putin
Tucker Carlson is the son of American journalist Dick Carlson. (Source: Twitter)

It is incredible how technology has made it possible for two people with different languages to communicate efficiently.

This interview has shed light on the perspective of the Russian leader on the ongoing events in Russia.

We also learned what he thinks about the relationship between his nation and the U.S.

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Tucker Carlson’s Unbiasness During Interview With Putin Receives Praise

Lately, there seems to be a vast confusion between the people of the United States and Russia, especially regarding political issues. 

But, this one-on-one interview of Tucker Carlson with Putin has finally made it possible for some speculations about him to clear out.

Tucker Carlson smiling in airport
Tucker Carlson is his parent’s elder son. (Source: Twitter)

Many of Tucker Carlson’s fans praise how he added such a wide range of questions during the interview.

Further, he did not let people make it feel like he was biased in the interview. He tried to cover most details that matter to the country’s relationship.

However, whether Tucker Carlson does or does not know Russian still surfaces on the Internet.

Whatever the answer, it does not change the fact that the interview was very impactful. It definitely will not be forgotten anytime soon.

As a matter of fact, there are very few occasions when Russian leader Vladimir Putin has given a one-on-one interview with an American journalist.

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