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Don Lemon Health: Is CNN Former Host Sick?

Lately, there has been a lot of speculation about former CNN host Don Lemon being sick after his noticeable weight loss, which sparked worries about his health among numerous web surfers.

Don Lemon has been a prominent face on CNN for over 15 years, known for his direct interview style and coverage of significant news events.

Born in 1966 in Louisiana, Lemon pursued journalism in college before working his way up through local news stations.

He joined CNN in 2006, becoming a leading primetime anchor and earning a reputation for tackling issues head-on.

Beyond news coverage, Lemon has also made headlines in recent years for his outspoken perspectives, on-air gaffes, and turbulent exits from CNN programming.

Moreover, he ended his nightly show in early 2023 amidst controversy and network shakeups.

Now entering his late 50s, Lemon is charting his next chapter after his abrupt CNN departure.

From health and wellness to relationship changes, he has been in the public eye while transitioning to post-cable news life.

However, the recent health problem of Don Lemon has made fans curious to know the truth if he is sick.

Don Lemon Health: Is CNN Former Host Sick?

Since exiting CNN, the health and weight loss of Don Lemon have attracted significant attention.

Lemon showcased a slimmer physique starting in late 2022, reportedly shedding 25-30 pounds.

Further, Lemon debuted his weight loss results while celebrating Thanksgiving 2022 and other events.

By early 2023, Lemon’s substantial weight transformation was evident across social media.

Don Lemon with his partner Tim Malone
Don Lemon has been engaged to Tim Malone since 2019. (Source: Instagram)

He shared shirtless vacation photos with fiancé Tim Malone, highlighting his commitment to healthier living.

While Lemon has not provided specifics, he has focused on wellness in this new chapter.

Some have praised his slimdown, though others question if extreme dieting is involved.

At 56, Lemon prioritizes maximizing his energy as he prepares to start a family with Malone, aligning his fitness goals with their relationship plans.

After all this, it’s crystal clear that Don Lemon is not sick, but he is prioritizing his health, focusing on physical fitness.

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Controversies Faced By Don Lemon In His Journalism Career

Don Lemon has been embroiled in several controversies, fueled by his blunt opinions and publicized gaffes.

Some low moments from Lemon’s CNN tenure emerged amidst his contentious exit.

He once insinuated that missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370 could have been swallowed by a black hole. This rumor-sharing drew mockery.

In reporting on sexual assault cases, Lemon came under fire for questioning victims’ credibility and behavior.

Despite critics saying his remarks further victimized survivors, further backlash arose when Lemon repeatedly referred to African Americans as “the N-word” on air.

This prompted CNN to state that such rhetoric doesn’t align with its values.

Don Lemon with his partner Tim Malone
Don Lemon has been open about his sexual orientation in various interviews and publications. (Source: Instagram)

Lemon also sparked anger by asking whether the Malaysian airline disappearance could have anything to do with the co-pilot’s competency as a Muslim. Many viewed this commentary as deeply Islamophobic.

In late 2022, Lemon drew outrage for saying women don’t hit their peak until their 40s, but for this, he later apologized.

His on-air controversies added to tensions before he departed from CNN.

Separately, reports have suggested Lemon’s engagement to Tim Malone hit difficulties after he exited CNN.

Their plans to start a family have led to speculation. While admired by some, Lemon has repeatedly made remarks deemed inappropriate or offensive.

His exit from CNN came amidst both outside criticism and internal strife at the network over his conduct.

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