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Don Tidey Wikipedia, Age: Is The IRA Kidnapped Supermarket CEO Still Alive?

The IRA kidnapped Supermarket CEO, Don Tidey, is in the headlines as the rumors of his existence top up, which has developed netizens’ curiosity for a Wikipedia page to acknowledge the details.

Don Tidey is a British businessman from Dublin, Ireland, and the father of an Olympic athlete, Saskia Tidey.

Mr Tidey was the chairman of Quinnsworth, initiating the largest supermarket chain in the Republic with 57 stores.

Previously, he worked for the affluent Weston family’s Anglo-Canadian retail behemoth, Associated British Foods.

Back in 1983, Tidey made news around the world because of his kidnapping for 23 days until Irish police freed him.

Don Tidey does not yet have a Wikipedia page with his bio, but we have covered everything you need to know about him in this article.

Don Tidey Wikipedia, Age: All About The IRA Kidnapped Supermarket CEO

The expectation of finding information about the Irish Businessman Don Tidey on Wikipedia has seen a spontaneous increase.

Let us discover more about Don Tidey by looking at his Wikipedia page and age.

Don Tidey was born in the East End of London in 1935 and evacuated to rural Sussex during the Second World War.

As of 2023, Don Tidey is 88 years old, and his existence is still a mystery.

Don Tidey are he survived his kidnapping in 1983.
Don Tideys’ daughter is one of the famous Olympic athletes. (Source: BBC)

He came to Ireland in 1965 as an up-and-coming supermarket executive to work for Ben Dunne Sr, the owner and founder of Dunnes Stores.

Further, Tidey was first married to Janice Tidey, but she died of leukemia in 1981.

Don Tidey’s wife, Barbara Dunne, has been his support and encouragement throughout his life.

Thus, Olympic athlete Saskia Tidey is Don and Barbara’s daughter. She is highly active on Instagram and Twitter.

Don Tidey with his beloved wife Barbara.
Don Tideys’ official book of kidnapping is in the air. (Source: Twitter)

However, the former non-executive chairman of Tesko has avoided public recognition by living a private life.

Besides, he might be living a high life in retirement, with a net worth of more than 8 million dollars.

Nonetheless, netizens are not giving up on their search for the Wikipedia of Don Tidey as his kidnapping case, and its existence is such a great mystery.

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Is Don Tidey Still Alive: Where Is He Now?

In November 1983, supermarket executive Don Tidey was abducted from outside his Dublin home.

He was held captive for 23 days by an armed IRA gang before the Defence Forces rescued him.

Since 2021, Tidey has not been sighted in public, and it is still unclear whether he exists.

However, regarding Don Tideys’ mysterious case, people are not giving up on discovering details about him demanding Wikipedia.

Following Don’s kidnapping, police conducted a large rescue effort around Christmas time, searching over Ballinamore, Co Leitrim.

Don Tidey with his collegues.
Don Tidey is a British Businessman from Dublin, Ireland. (Source: Twitter)

The Independent claims that the search operation, which went by the moniker Santa Clause, started on December 16, 1983.

Garda (Irish police) found Don in a dugout with four armed criminals. Two officers died in the open shoot-out.

The gunfighters managed to run away during the rescue, except the two of them, and then sent off to prison.

Moreover, being unhurt and successful in the operation, Don Tidey was decorated and received Scott Medals.

Hence, the questions are unanswered as we cannot conclude whether Don Tidey is alive unless his family officially reveals it.

Netizens are still looking around to solve the case of Don Tidey as it is creating wonders demanding his Wikipedia.

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