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Doomsday Mom Wikipedia: The Lori Vallow Story With Netflix Show

Based on the true story of Lori Vallow, the crime movie Doomsday Mom gained attention for its thrilling portrayal of the terrifying murder case, making viewers search for its Wikipedia. Let’s look at the movie details further in this article!

The movie Doomsday Mom: The Lori Vallow Story was released in 2021 as a part of Lifetime’s Summer of Secrets movies.

Further, the plot follows the life of Idaho native Lori Vallow from late 2017 to early 2020.

She was responsible for the murder of her two children, Tylee Ryan and J.J. Vallow, which is emphasized in Doomsday Mom.

Directed by Bradley Walsh, the story is promising in several aspects as it portrays accurate events.

For such reasons, Wikipedia for Doomsday Mom has gained keen interest from audiences worldwide.

Doomsday Mom Wikipedia: The Lori Vallow Story With Netflix Show

The Wikipedia for Doomsday Mom seems lacking but doesn’t diminish the film’s ability to capture its audience.

Further, the plot represents the legal procedures that followed the disappearance of Vallow’s children.

Vallow and her husband were heavily involved in the Doomsday movement, giving the movie its title.

Doomsday Mom lead actress smiling
The movie showcased the real emotions of the people in the case. (Source: IMDb)

The couple met in the documentary after Vallow reads one of his books and becomes a fan.

Before the murder of the children, the parents claim that they had become demonically possessed zombies.

Moreover, the story showcases how Vallow was connected to several more deaths and attempted murder.

The disturbing movie revealed that the state of Idaho has ruled Vallow as a mentally incompetent person.

However, the discovery of J.J. and Tylee’s body in her husband’s backyard resulted in their legal arrest.

Meanwhile, Lauren Lee Smith (Lori Vallow) and Marc Blucas (Chad Daybell) claimed immersing the character was challenging.

The story was a real-life incident, so their performances required extra attention to detail.

Additionally, the lead actress found the character surreal and hard to understand, encouraging her to portray the role.

Doomsday Mom Vallow and Chad wedding day
The cult had taken over the thoughts and actions of Vallow. (Source: IMDb)

Soon after the documentary’s release, Netflix created a mini-series, Sins of Our Mother, which involved real individuals from the case.

The series also delves into the Mormon beliefs of Vallow and how the religious delusion led her to crimes.

As both series gain popularity, viewers hope to get a Wikipedia page for Doomsday Mom and Sins of Our Mother in the future.

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Where Is Lori Vallow Now? Fate Of The Lady Who Killed Her Children

Due to the lack of Wikipedia for Doomsday Mom, people were curious about the convict’s current situation.

Born on June 26, 1973, Lori Vallow had five marriages.

Doomsday Mom, Lori Vallow mugshot
Vallow tried to plead her innocence in the court. (Source: Twitter)

Among her several relationships, the religious individual considered her connection with Chad Daybell as a sacred bond. 

Moreover, Vallow threatened anyone who interfered with her personal space and love for Daybell.

The investigations following the disappearance of her children led to charges of first-degree murder and conspiracy.

As the murder case made national headlines with features in movie and Netflix documentaries, many wanted a harsh punishment for Vallow.

Following her disturbing actions, she faced new charges in connection with the death of her former husband, Charles.

Lori Vallow during her recent trial
Vallow was behind the murder of her ex-husband’s wife. (Source: Twitter)

Similarly, Vallow’s new trial, scheduled for April 4, 2024, will decide the fate of the children’s killer.

The case of Vallow shed light on the negative impact of blindly following religious practices.

Previously, she wanted to become a cult leader and conspired against her family members.

Vallow’s case will continue to haunt the nation as one of the most brutal and tragic incidents involving children.

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