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Dr. Jeff Young Wikipedia, Wife: Dr. Jeff Rocky Mountain Vet Cast

For decades, people have known Dr. Jeff Young as one of the best veterinarians in the world due to his hard work and dedication, prompting them to search for his Wikipedia page.

Dr. Jeff Young is a famous veterinarian, entrepreneur, animal lover, and public figure.

He is well-known for caring for more than thousands of animals all around the world.

Moreover, his television show, Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet, has also led him to gain recognition.

Likewise, this series features the stressful working lives of vet doctors working under Dr Jeff Vet. It records everyday cases at Dr Jeff’s animal clinic, Planned Pethood Plus.

Personally, this astonishing doctor has sterilized more than 165,000 animals.

He has inspired millions of animal lovers around the world.

Consequently, Dr. Jeff Young gained people’s attention, and now there has been a significant increase in the searches for his Wikipedia page.

Dr. Jeff Young Wikipedia: Animal Welfare Journey Explored

After the show Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountian Vet, Dr. Jeff was trending in the media.

Later, people gained curiosity to gain insight into his life and had been searching for his Wikipedia.

However, to date, no Wikipedia page has featured Dr. Jeff Young. However, the series provided details about his stressful professional life.

First, he began his career as an Animal Control Officer during university training.

Following this, he chose to pursue his career as a veterinarian by devoting his life to animal welfare.

Jeff in lab wearing mask and glasses
Jeff fell in love with animals while growing up on a farm. (Source: Discovery Channel)

Furthermore, his first job was as an animal welfare officer in Fort Collins.

This experience bolstered Dr. Jeff’s strong ethics in animal care.

As a result, he established a clinic that offered animal care to those who could not access other facilities.

Moreover, he trained more than 300 veterinarians around the world. In 2000, Dr. Jeff established Planned Pethood International.

It is a non-profit organization that has set up full-service training hospitals in Bratislava and Merida.

Motivated by what he witnessed in real life, Dr. Jeff firmly believes in controlling the overpopulation of pets.

Dr. Jeff has over 30 years of working experience as a popular veteran. Not only this, he has also received a lot of awards for his work.

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Dr Jeff Young’s Early Life And Personal Life

The veterinarian, Dr. Jeff Young, has gained a lot of fame and honor for his work and the welfare of the animals.

Along with his professional life, Dr. Jeff’s increasing popularity has made people curious about his personal.

Dr. Jeff Young was born in Indiana, U.S., on April 14, 1956, making him 67 as of now.

He had a nomadic childhood as a military brat, moving around frequently.

Moreover, his real name is Jeffrey Dale Young. Further, Esther Steven, his mother, and his stepfather, who served in the army, raised him.

Jeff Young folding arms
Jeff’s love for animals inspired him to pursue a career in veterinary medicine (Source: Twitter)

After his parents’ divorce, he lived with his mother and visited his father’s ranch on holiday.

Furthermore, Dr. Jeff Young had been married twice.

His wife was his high school sweetheart, Deb Burns. After several years of marriage, the two had three children.

However, they divorced and moved on with different partners. Currently, Dr. Jeff is married to Petra Young Mickova.

They met in a veterinary school back in 2010.

Petra had immigrated to the United States from her home country, Slovakia, and upon finishing school, she got a job at Planned Pethood.

The two married in 2014, and they have been together since then.

Likewise, Dr. Jeff Young gained attention due to the series about his life as a veterinarian.

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Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet Cast, Plot, & Season

Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet is an American reality television series following Dr. Jeff as he performs procedures in his animal clinic. It premiered on July 11, 2015.

In total, there are 8 seasons of Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet.

It was premiered on Animal Planet. Likewise, the show was set at Planned Pethood Plus.

This clinic was established for the animals in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

Moreover, Dr. Jeff appeared as the lead cast in the series Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet.

Rocky Mountain Vet poster jeff with dog
Dr. Jeff’s television career has been both rewarding and challenging for him. (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, the show has John Schwab as a narrator for 22 episodes. Furthermore, the clinic staff were in the show.

The series revealed the often tense and chaotic atmosphere of the clinic.

It follows Dr. Jeff and the lengths he went to save the animal on which he operates.

Moreover, the series follows the staff juggling routine pet visits with several dozen crucial daily surgeries and emergencies.

Upon the release of the series, people searched for the Wikipedia page of Dr. Jeff Young, as its featured content shocked many.

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