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Dr Kwane Stewart Wikipedia: Meet CNN Top Ten Hero Of The Year

The American street veterinarian, Dr Kwane Stewart, has been the talk of the town since he was given the title of CNN Hero of the Year 2023. Now people are searching for the Wikipedia page of Dr Kwane Stewart.

Dr Kwane Stewart is mainly recognized for his work as a veterinarian, treating the pets on California’s street for free.

Furthermore, he is also the founder of Project Street Vet, a non-profit organization offering medical services to pets belonging to homeless people.

Beyond being a veterinarian, Dr Kwane is also known as the author of What It Takes to Save a Life: A Veterinarian’s Quest for Healing and Hope.

Nevertheless, people worldwide started scouring the internet for the Wikipedia page of Dr Kwane Stewart after the recent event.

Dr Kwane Stewart Wikipedia: Early Life And Family

Despite being a great source of inspiration for people worldwide, Wikipedia has not dedicated a page to Dr Kwane Stewart.

Even though Dr Kwane’s family details are one of the most searched topics on the internet, unfortunately, the answer remains unclear.

Dr Kwane Stewart sitting in a chair with his both hands together.
Dr Kwane wanted to become a veterinarian since his childhood. (Source: Instagram)

He has never publicly shared anything related to his early life and family and prefers to keep it to himself.

However, we know that Dr Kwane has a fiance to be turned wife with whom he recently shared a photo on his Instagram saying, “She said yes, cheers.”

Nevertheless, he has yet to reveal her name as the partner of Dr Kwane also seems to be a private.

Moreover, due to the lack of further information, facts about his early life and family remain a mystery for all the interested parties.

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Dr Kwane Stewart’s Education And Career

As a renowned Colorado State University Veterinary Program graduate, Dr Kwane has been a California practicing vet for 22 years.

Furthermore, he has worked in every part of the profession, honing his clinical and business expertise.

His journey started in 1997 as an associate and emergency clinician in San Diego.

Moving forward with his prominent skills and dedication, he climbed the ranks quickly, becoming the Chief Medical Officer of Vecto Hospital, Inc. 

Dr Kwane Stewart checking a dog wearing a red t-shirt.
Dr Kwane founded the Project Street Vet to help the street animals. (Source: Instagram)

Later, he took control of a struggling municipal shelter as a County Veterinarian and reversed one of the highest euthanasia rates in the country.

He also recently completed a six-year tenure as the Chief Veterinary Officer of American Humane.

Further, Dr Kwane Stewart also served as the director of their program called No Animals Were Harmed®, notable in his Wikipedia page.

This program looks after the well-being of more than 100,000 animals each year on movies and TV sets worldwide.

Likewise, he has been sought for his expertise by many media outlets and major companies.

They are asking for his guidelines to improve their animal care standards.

Nevertheless, his career has evolved into another new journey, his true calling: helping pets and people in need.

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Dr Kwane’s Journey To Becoming The CNN Hero Of The Year 2023

The online voters chose Dr Kwane as one of the Top Ten Heroes Of The Year 2023.

His outreach on the street started more than a year ago.

Dr Kwane Stewart seem helping a dog with it's owner wearing a black t-shirt.
Dr Kwane has been practicing veterinary for 22 years. (Source: Instagram)

He suddenly stopped to examine a homeless man’s dog outside a 7-11, where he got his coffee.

Eventually, the animal treated by Dr Kwane transformed overall as it was for the dog’s skin condition.

Later, the dog owner’s gratitude became a wake-up call when the man said, “Thank you for not ignoring me.”

Further, after this encounter with the homeless man, Dr Kwane Stewart started Project Street Vet.

Soon after, he began to do more outreach and set up small drop-in clinics to provide medical care to pet owners. 

Moreover, Kwane’s brother, Ian, started documenting some of the work and personal stories to raise awareness about animal welfare.

Following Ian’s effort, more like-minded animal welfare professionals jumped on board and started working.

Dr Kwane carrying a small puppy in his hand.
Dr Kwane got emotional while collecting the award as the CNN Heroes Of The Year. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, while accepting the award, Dr Kwane said, “I’ve wanted to be a veterinarian my whole life since I was a child.”

He added, “I’m so lucky to be doing what I am doing.”

Moving forward, he received a $10,000 cash award and a donation matching up to $50,000 from the Elevate Prize Foundation.

He will also receive $100,000 from the Elevate Prize Foundation to expand his work.

Nevertheless, the work of Dr Kwane Stewart deserves a well-dedicated space on the Wikipedia page.

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