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Dr Victor Chang First Heart Transplant Is Noticed With The Crown

In the realm of medical pioneers, Dr Victor Chang has marked his name as the first one to carry out a heart transplant. Let’s read more about him.

Dr Victor Chang is famous as the pioneer of modern heart transplantation in Australia.

He practiced as a surgeon in Australia. However, he was born in Shanghai, China.

Despite his demise, Dr Victor Chang is widely regarded as one of the best cardiac surgeons in the world.

Further, Dr Chang completed his medical studies at the University of Sydney.

Later, he trained in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Eventually, though, he returned to Australia and progressed his career in St Vincent’s Hospital.

Meanwhile, Dr Victor Chang and his first heart transplant have been spiraling again with The Crown.

Dr Victor Chang First Heart Transplant Gets Attention With The Crown

After returning to Australia, Dr Victor Chang helped establish the National Cardiac Transplant Unit immensely.

The unit was in operation with the intention of heart and lung transplants.

Dr Victor Chang worked with surgeon Harry Windsor, who performed their first heart transplant in Australia.

A picture of Dr Chang smiling
Dr Victor Chang was developing devices such as artificial heart valves. (Source: Twitter)

This historic feat of the first heart transplant was in action in 1968, with Dr Victor Chang as the pioneer.

Because medical science had not advanced, this was a massive achievement.

The possibility of heart transplants becoming public knowledge came through with the youngest heart transplant in Australia.

This rare feat was achieved on April 8, 1984, with a team of doctors led by Dr Chang.

Fiona Coote, 14 years old at the time, suffered from a rare heart condition called cardiomyopathy.

Fiona Coote’s parents were told she would die if she did not receive a heart within a few days.

Dr Victor Chang is known for his first heart transplant
Ann Simmons was Dr Victor Chang’s wife, and they had three children. (Source: Twitter)

The nation knew the news, as Fiona Coote’s parents publicly requested any possible donor.

Considering the public plea, there were several who did offer the heart of someone who recently died.

Once Dr Victor Chang received the donor, he and his team proceeded with the operation.

Known as the pioneer of the first heart transplant, Dr Victor Chang ensured the operation was successful.

Later, Fiona required a second heart transplant and managed to survive and lead a healthy life.

Legacy Of Dr Victor Chang And Crown Princess Unveils Statue

Dr Victor Chang, famous for the first heart transplant, always focused on the sector’s growth.

For the same, he founded the Dr Victor Chang Foundation to raise funds for the growth of the cardiology sector.

Even today, his daughter Vanessa Chang manages this foundation.

A black and white picture of Dr Victor
Dr Victor Chang’s mother died of cancer, prompting him to consider a career in medicine. (Source: Twitter)

In his honor, in February 1994, a research institute by the name of Dr Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute was set up.

Moreover, Princess Diana was at the institute’s opening ceremony, making it possible to gain the prestige it deserves.

Also, the recent ongoing 2023 series The Crown, based on the royal crown’s story, reflected the scene.

Meanwhile, in 1999, then Prime Minister John Howard announced him as Australian of the Century at the People’s Choice Awards.

Additionally, the Crown Princess of Denmark opened the Victor Chang Lowy Packer Building.

This was at the premises of St Vincent’s Hospital in Darlinghurst. She also stated Victor Chang was an original thinker.

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Shocking Murder Of Dr Victor Chang

On July 4, 1991, Dr Victor Chang faced an untimely demise with an extortion attempt gone wrong.

He was shot twice in the head in the early morning hours after defying an extortion attempt.

Later, the cop indicted two Malaysian men on the charge.

People initially thought this to be some Triad syndicate movement; however, it wasn’t true.

A picture from the funeral of Dr Victor Chang
Dr. Victor Chang’s murder is one of the most notorious in the country’s history. (Source: Twitter)

The two men indicted were simply amateur criminals who intended only to extort Dr Victor Chang.

They intentionally slammed into his vehicle to force him to pull over and come out of the car.

Unfortunately, though, the extortion didn’t happen, and they fired two shots at point-blank range.

The nation mourned the death of such a monumental figure in the field of heart transplant. 

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