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Watch Drake Video Unfiltered X: Is It Real Or AI? Exposed!

There has been a surge in popularity on social media like X (formerly Twitter) of an explicit, unfiltered video of a person resembling Drake and people are confused if it is real or AI and do not know where to watch. This has sparked curiosity about its contents. So, let’s find out.

Drake, also known as Aubrey Drake Graham, is famous for his work in music, acting, and business.

He was born on October 24, 1986, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

He became well-known after starring on TV, especially in the show Degrassi: The Next Generation, before moving into music.

Following that, he ventured into the music business and achieved recognition in various genres such as hip-hop, R&B, and pop.

Recently, Drake has become a topic of widespread discussion, not for his music, but for a viral unfiltered video on X with mature content.

Exposed Video Of Drake Goes Viral! Watch On Reddit & Twitter

The explicit, unfiltered video of a person has gone viral on X, garnering a large following on social media platforms.

The reason behind this is that the unfiltered X video features a naked individual resembling Drake, revealing his intimate body parts.

A specific scene that stands out is when the person holds his genitals. It is causing a lot of speculation and discussion among the audience.

Drake Video Unfiltered X
The hashtag Drakevideo was trending as of Wednesday in the US.

The incident became a hot internet sensation. It was initially reported by the reputable news source TMZ.

Over time, individuals began to share viral videos on different platforms using different titles such as Drake’s helicopter footage, Drake’s airplane clips, Drake’s plane recordings, and leaked footage of meat, among others.

As the negativity-filled comments began to flood in, the controversy escalated to its peak.

Nevertheless, there were also loyal supporters of Drake who came to his defense by arguing that the video lacked evidence to confirm the identity of the person featured in the controversial unfiltered X video as actually being Drake.

drake with his friend
Drake recently had a bet of 1 Million on The Chiefs saying he can not go against swifties. (Source: Instagram)

In light of the growing concerns surrounding the video, Adin, a streamer, also attempted to reveal the truth with Drake.

After the query from Adin about the video on Twitter, Drake responded by sending eight laughing emojis and texting,

Could potentially serve as the opening track for my upcoming album.

Although the person shown in the video resembles Drake, there is uncertainty surrounding their identity.

It is still uncertain if the individual shown in the video is Drake or another person.

Viral Unfiltered X Video Of Drake Real Or AI: Where To Watch?

The video that sparked controversy was initially leaked on Twitter X. Subsequently, it spread like wildfire on Reddit by various individuals.

As the video is not clear, it has divided the netizens, and they are debating if it is real or AI-generated.

But now, there is no valid reason to tell if it is AI or real Drake himself.

drake outdoors
The explicit video resembling Drake still sees no end as its trending all over the X. (Source: Instagram)

Further, the scandal’s video was eventually taken down due to its violation of community standards on Twitter X.

Despite this, individuals continued to actively search for the video. Numerous platforms eventually began to upload the video to satisfy their curiosity and increase their views.

So, netizens are searching adult sites to watch the full-length, unfiltered X video of Drake.

Drake Video Makes X (Twitter) Top Free App: Elon Musk Is Happy!

In recent days, Elon Musk has touted the X app as the world’s most popular, despite controversies over celebrity images.

The app’s popularity surge coincides with the spread of a video allegedly featuring singer Drake, though its authenticity remains unconfirmed.

Elon Musk’s tweets celebrating X’s dominance in the iOS charts follow the emergence of the video purportedly depicting Drake engaged in explicit acts.

Despite efforts by X to remove such content, the video has garnered millions of views and widespread sharing.

drake in suit
Due to recent AI scandals and controversies, Twitter X has climbed the chart and has become the top free app in appstore. (Source: Instagram)

Trending phrases like ‘Drake video’ highlight users’ discussions and search for the clip amid the controversy.

This surge in popularity comes shortly after X faced backlash for hosting AI-generated, deepfaked images falsely portraying Taylor Swift in explicit scenarios.

Criticism has mounted against X’s content policies and enforcement since Elon Musk’s acquisition of the platform in 2021, which included staff cuts and moderation team reductions.

These developments underscore ongoing concerns about the platform’s handling of sensitive content and its implications for user safety and community standards.

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