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Is Dwayne Wade Gay Or Bisexual? Wife Gabrielle Union

With viral videos questioning his sexuality and affairs, the acclaimed basketball player Dwayne Wade is in peril as fans wonder if he is gay. But what is the truth? Find out more further in this article.

Born on January 17, 1982, Dwyane Tyrone Wade Jr. is an American former professional basketball player.

Wade spent most of his 16-year career playing for the Miami Heat of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Moreover, basketball fans regard him as one of the greatest shooting guards in the history of the NBA.

Aside from such achievements, Wade’s family and marriages have also amassed much public interest.

With gay rumors circulating online, fans question the sexual preference of Dwayne Wade in hopes of learning more about the basketball player.

Is Dwayne Wade Gay Or Bisexual? Viral Video Exposes His Affairs

Athletes like Dwayne Wade have been constantly pushed to reveal their identity as many wonder if they are gay.

Further, rumors quickly circulated, claiming that Wade and his partner were getting divorced following news of affairs.

However, there is no evidence of the rumors that Dwayne Wade is gay or bisexual.

Dwayne Wade wearing a black-yellow shirt
Wade has earned several titles in the NBA. (Source: Instagram)

Further, there were no significant headlines about the basketball star until rapper Boosie BadAzz questioned his sexual preference.

Following claims and accusations, a video by Misstee stated that Wade was having affairs with young boys.

The viral compilation showcased a thumbnail of Wade kissing a man, later revealed as an AI-generated picture.

Moreover, with over 1 million views, the video explained that Wade used his current partner as a cover-up.

However, the claims in the YouTube videos had no evidence to back them up.

Similarly, Dwayne Wade has only been in relationships with women before, which disregards the query about him being gay.

Upon close inspection, netizens noticed that the creator who spread the rumors was proficient in exaggerating real events.

Dwayne Wade walking with his wife
Wade has been in a marriage for nearly a decade. (Source: Instagram)

With a mixture of true and misleading information, channels like Mistee create baseless rumors about celebrities.

Meanwhile, the confusion about Wade’s sexuality could have spawned from his support for the LGBTQ+ community.

As a father of a transgender child, Zaya, the basketball player, is proud to be an informed ally to the group.

Additionally, due to his child’s sexuality, Wade moved his family from Florida due to the state’s anti-LGBTQ policies.

Currently, Wade enjoys his married life with his wife, American actress Gabrielle Union.

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Turbulent Marriages And Child Custody: Wade And Wife Gabrielle Union

Amidst his married life with Gabrielle Union, the rumors about Dwayne Wade being gay persisted.

Meanwhile, the pair have tried their best to avoid such controversies and remain silent.

Previously, Wade was hitched to his high school girlfriend, Siohvaughn Funches.

However, the couple officially divorced in 2010 after engaging in a bitter court battle over custody of their two children.

Dwayne Wade wedding day photo
Wade enjoys spending time with his children and wife. (Source: Instagram)

A year later, the basketball player obtained sole guardianship of his offspring.

Meanwhile, Wade began dating actress Gabrielle Union in 2008, but their relationship was full of ups and downs.

According to Wade, he and Union briefly split up at some point early in their bond due to career demands.

At that time, the star player conceived a child with TV personality Aja Metoyer.

However, Union and Wade reconciled despite his affairs, leading to their private marriage.

Likewise, after a turbulent relationship, the duo welcomed their daughter, Kaavia James Wade, who was born via surrogate.

Nonetheless, the Wade family displays a perfect example of a blended family, which has changed the perspective of many.

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