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Is Ed Mcvey Gay? Gender, Sexuality Of The Crown Prince William Cast

After the release of Part 2 of Season Six of Netflix’s hit The Crown, many fans are curious to know more about Ed McVey. Rumors about his sexuality are circulating. Is Ed McVey gay?

Ed McVey is a British actor who is currently playing the role of young Prince William in the sixth season of The Crown on Netflix.

The role is the young 24-year-old actor’s debut role. He says he always knew he wanted to act but was looking for a big break.

Before making his debut on Netflix, he used to do various stage roles in London.

Not only is he a rising and up-and-coming actor, but he is also a graduate of Drama Centre London.

Since he is a young guy and a good-looking one, one main concern of fans is whether Ed McVey is dating someone and if he is gay or not.

Is Ed McVey Gay? Details Of His Relationship With Filmmaker Holly Stevens

The answer to the curiosity about his sexuality is that he is a straight man.

Up until now, Ed McVey has only dated females, so it is unlikely he is gay.

Ed Mcvey the crown
Ed McVey was a great find by the Crown to portray Prince William. (Source: Instagram)

In fact, we have details about his current love life. Ed McVey is dating a talented director, producer, and writer, Holly Stevens.

The details about how their relationship began are not known to the public.

However, it’s been many months since they first made their relationship official.

His girlfriend Holly was recently seen behind the scenes of Pimms and Piety at the Etcetera Theatre in Camden.

Holly took part in the GNFC short screenplay competition last year for her film “Hatchling” and made it to the semifinals.

Ed Mcvey Gay
Ed McVey’s acting skills are also very impressive, and he must have done a lot of research about the prince. (Source: Instagram)

The multi-talented girlfriend of Ed McVey also knows how to kickbox and used to be a fitness instructor.

She has a separate Instagram account for kickboxing, which goes by the handle “Kickbox with Holly.”

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Blooming Romance: Ed McVey’s Relationship Sparks Envy Among The Crown Fans

Holly offers self-defense classes for women and has been doing it for the last three years.

However, she currently is not involved in kickboxing and says that she has, for now, given a bittersweet goodbye to it.

This is because she wants to focus more on her creative passions, including writing and directing.

So, the confirmation about Ed McVey dating Holly is a clear indication of him not being gay.

Ed Mcvey wiki
Ed McVey fans are increasing daily after part two of The Crown season six’s release. (Source: Instagram)

Their relationship seems to be blooming as time goes by.

Some of his fans may envy Holly for being so close to their favorite character in The Crown.

Whether gay or not, Ed McVey has won the hearts of many with his amazing acting skills.

Netizens are praising how charming he looks in the series. They love how similar Ed looks to the young Prince William.

The Crown’s casting department has really done a good job.

Similar to how real-life Princess Diana and Prince William look alike, the on-screen Princess Diana and Ed McVey also resemble each other very much.

The gay rumors of Ed McVey can come to rest now. Fans appear to praise that Ed is so open about his relationship online.

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