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Ellen Friar Wikipedia: Daughter Murders Father With A Bat

With the recent news of the court sentencing Ellen Friar to 25 years in prison, netizens are actively seeking detailed information about her and the case on Wikipedia.

Ellen Friar is a 15-year-old girl who was involved in a very serious criminal case.

Ellen, her boyfriend, and another person were convicted of murdering her father, Aaron Friar.

At first, authorities sent her to a special facility for young offenders, but they expect to move her to an adult prison when she turns 25.

The case details and Ellen Friar’s role are available to the public because of the legal proceedings and media coverage.

Following this case, the Wikipedia of Ellen Friar has gained keen interest from people all around the globe.

Ellen Friar Wikipedia: Relationship And Background

The number of people searching for the Wikipedia page of Ellen Friar is growing excessively, but, unfortunately, it doesn’t exist.

So, the following article aims to provide you with all the information found in the Wikipedia of Ellen Friar.

Ellen Friar from Medford received media attention when she was caught in a terrible criminal case in 2017.

Ellen Friar in court
Ellen Friar addressed the court, reading a heartfelt letter that revealed her emotions and reflections on the tragic events. 

She received a 25-year prison term after admitting that she conspired to kill her father, Aaron Friar, alongside her boyfriend, Gavin.

Ellen’s boyfriend, Gavin Curtis MacFarlane was 19 years old at the time and had brutally attacked Aaron with a baseball bat.

MacFarlane then unnervingly put the body into Friar’s vehicle and dumped it near Eagle Point on October 2, 2017.

However, this public attention to the Ellen Friar’s sentencing stands out also for her early life or background.

The crime is the subject of many podcasts and online discussions, where people are shocked at how young these individuals were.

Despite a wealth of information about the court proceedings and media attention surrounding the case.

Ellen Friar boyfriend
Someone found Ellen Friar’s dad’s car abandoned outside the city of Medford. (Source: Instagram)

Details on Ellen Friar’s life before it is lacking, thus shedding more light on this tragic event.

It is very interesting, however, that the name of Ellen Friar has appeared here connected with this criminal case.

Nonetheless, the authorities kept her personal details private and there are no facts to reveal anything specific about her biography.

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Details On Ellen Friar’s Murder Case Of Father With A Bat

On October 2, 2017, officers from the Medford Police Department visited Benson Street home to assess their welfare.

Observers noted signs of a disturbance, and they couldn’t find the vehicle belonging to the resident.

The investigation that followed revealed a depressing sight of the body, identified as Friar Aaron.

Ellen Friar in blue dress
The case involved significant legal proceedings and consequences for those involved.

However, the police believed that Aaron’s daughter Ellen Friar, 15 years old, together with her boyfriend Gavin Curtis MacFarlane and another individual, conspired to murder Aaron.

As prosecutors described, MacFarlane assaulted Aaron with a baseball bat while he slept and stole his vehicle to relocate the body.

MacFarlane pled guilty to the murder, and criminal conspiracy in sentencing him for a life term of jail of at least 25 years.

The court did not sentence Ellen Friar, who pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit murder and first-degree burglary until she reached the age of 30.

Ellen expressed guilt and a desire to have another beginning for her sentencing.

Her lawyer asserted that an older boyfriend had manipulated her and she had suffered abuse at the hands of her father.

Even though, it did not happen in court since this case never went to trial.

Nonetheless, the motive behind the crime involves accusations of alleged abuse and manipulation.

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