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Emily Hewertson Wikipedia: Trend After BBC Question Time

After the appearance of Emily Hewertson on BBC Question Time, people wanted to know about her through Wikipedia. But, does she have one?

Emily Hewertson is a teenager who describes herself as cute, loud, and Conservative.

Therefore, the girl went viral after revealing her ambitions to become an MP.

Most importantly, she caught public attention when she appeared on Question Time as an audience and blasted the Conservative Party.

Primarily, the teenager stepped into the political world at the age of 16 by joining the Conservative Party.

Later, Emily went viral after posting a clip as she watched a stream of the BBC’s election results in the club drinking with her friends.

Also, she grabbed attention after her video saying she was going to vote for the Brexit party in the EU elections.

After it went viral on social media, many people wanted to know more about Emily Hewertson but does she have a Wikipedia? Let’s find out

Emily Hewertson Wikipedia: Early Life and Education

People want to know more about Emily Hewertson but she chose to keep her personal information away from the public.

However, according to Instagram and Twitter, the 19-year-old girl is from Northamptonshire.

Currently, the Brexit party girl is living her political life in London.

Meanwhile, she joined the Conservative Party at the age of 16.

Furthermore, the information related to her family background is still hidden behind the curtains.

Emily Hewertson posing with her drink
Emily Hewertson is working very hard to fulfill her aim to become an MP. (Source: Instagram)

Also, talking about her education, there are no details about her schooling.

Moreover, when Emily first joined the Conservative party, she spoke about her plan to study politics at the University of Nottingham.

Thus, as of now, she is going to attend The Tab King’s University and has expressed her excitement about joining it.

Nevertheless, people are searching for Emily Hewertson on Wikipedia but she does not have one.

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Emily Hewertson’s Fame: Viral Teenager

Emily Hewertson gained huge popularity after appearing as an audience member on BBC Question Time.

Therefore, a video of her watching the EU election results at pre-drinks went viral on social media.

Furthermore, Emily became popular after she said she would support the Brexit party in the upcoming EU election and is now well recognized as a Brexit Party Girl.

Also, she made it clear that she thought the option of a second referendum was completely undemocratic.

Emily Hewertson stunning in black dress
Emily Hewertson reveals that she wants to become a politician. (Source: Instagram)

Likewise, she also mentioned that she sees no conflict between her racy social media shots, her love of partying, and her future career.

Moreover, the political girl is generally careful with how she behaves, as she is conscious of causing damage to her future career.

Further, on the night of the EU election results, the teenager posted a clip of her at pre-drinks with her mates watching the election results in the background.

Currently, Emily is an influencer for Turning Point UK – a youth Conservative pressure group.

Emily Hewertson posing for the photo.
Emily Hewertson is also often recognized as a Brexit Party Girl. (Source: Instagram)

Likewise, she has revealed her political aspirations, saying she is fed up with old men who have no personality running the country in a new BBC interview.

Further, being a Conservative party member, her exact political allegiances aren’t clear.

After her viral moment on Question Time, many people told her that she should become an MP.

The videos of Emily Hewertson are trending on social media and everyone is searching for her on Wikipedia. But it’s not available till now.

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