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Eric Digger Manes Wikipedia: Age Of Discovery Moonshiners Cast

Netizens are showing interest in the life of Eric Digger Manes following the news of his health issues with increasing searches for his Wikipedia page. Find out more about Discovery Moonshiners cast in this article.

Eric Digger Manes is a Television personality popular for his appearance in the show Moonshiners.

Many know him by his nickname Digger, and he is one of the legendary moonshiners in the show.

In the show, he was very popular for his collaboration with Mark, his partner in the show.

The audience loved the amazing duo in the show, and they are still friends with each other.

Further, his profession is said to be illegal due to which he was arrested and had serious legal encounters.

Despite his profession being considered illegal, Eric Digger Manes is loved by many people, who are interested in knowing about him through his Wikipedia.

Eric Digger Manes Wikipedia: Everything About Him

Popular for his show Moonshiners on Discovery Channel, Eric Digger Manes has many fans and they constantly look for his Wikipedia page.

Unfortunately, there is no dedicated Wikipedia page for Eric Digger Manes to date.

Digger was born in February 1964 in Newport, Tennessee, USA; however, his exact birthdate is unknown.

His father owned a funeral home; therefore, Digger mastered the art of embalming and eventually became a licensed embalmer.

Further, there is no other information regarding his parents and other family members.

Coming to his educational background, he is an educated person but he has not his background yet.

Digger and Mark posing together.
Digger and Mark have been partners for a long time. (Source: Instagram)

Besides, Digger is a married man with a son, but their names are unavailable on the internet.

Moreover, Digger joined the show Moonshiners in its 4th season and it was worth it.

Besides, Digger has been involved in the business of making quality brews and wine for more than 40 years now.

As Digger grew up, he became captivated by moonshiners around his home and decided to venture into moonshining.

Mark and Digger posing for a photo.
They are not just business partners but great friends. (Source: Instagram)

When his business grew, he found himself a partner who belonged to the same business.

He then collaborated with Mark Ramsey, who has the same passion and enthusiasm for moonshining.

Mark and Digger collaborated on several projects including Sugarland’s Distilling Company in 2015.

This amazing duo has a beer and wine-making company, The Black Alley Grainery, founded in 2018.

Some of their famous products are Digger Manes Mark Ramsey’s Apple Rye Brandy, and Mark & Digger’s Hazel Nut Rum.

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Is Eric Digger Manes from the Moonshiners Sick?

Eric Digger Manes from the show Moonshiners is currently unwell and has Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL).

Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia is a blood disorder he revealed during Moonshiner’s 13th season.

In the recent episode of Moonshiners season 13, Digger revealed his blood disorder.

After initial tests, a more extensive diagnosis confirmed that he has CLL, which means an abnormal increase in white blood cells.

Eric Digger Manes does not have a Wikipedia page.
Digger has been dealing with CLL very positively. (Source: Instagram)

This news came as a shock to his fans, as they expected Moonshiners-related content.

However, with all the challenges that CLL brings, Digger is maintaining his positive attitude.

Additionally, Digger also thanks all his well-wishers and fans for the prayers with the message that CLL is not terminal.

Besides, he later took his Facebook to share more about his disease where he said that Leukemia might make him miserable and weak but it won’t kill him.

Nonetheless, there is so much to know about Eric Digger Manes and hopefully Wikipedia will feature him soon.

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